A GREAT Omelette Master Class by Gary Rhodes

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British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes teaches us how to make a GREAT omelette. #MasterClass


Tom Gan says:

What a loss to the world, great guy and amazing teacher as someone else commented 😢

rickyboy698 says:

Gary Rhodes was a Trail Blazer … RIP

Jeff Allinson says:

Gary was an extremely hard working Chef who left us way too soon. RIP to a culinary master.

kiddada3 says:

Those two pieces of tomatoes dropped on the skillet have my ocd in a frenzy.

Graham Sherrington says:

He's Dead!!!

Ana Martinez says:

Fantastic!!! 👍🏼

T J says:

Pass the Ketchup…

Clint Cumawas says:

Thank you God bless you….

Clint Cumawas says:

can I ask a favour? Please if you make cooking you can post also your ingredients?

Utsav Bhowmik says:

got sad to learn his demise…this is his first video I am watching…

deepak toora says:

So many nice comments i wana like them all

anas alhamad says:

This is not omlet! This is half omlet! Who remember that eposide? 😂

ddy brandon says:

Lana Rhodes brother?

BlueSky2019 says:

A great kitchen.

gdsmchris says:

A chef on the tv that didn't eff and jeff every 2 minutes, respect to you sir

Song Mingi says:

He died? Im literally JUST seeing him, R.I.P bud, you were a great chef

herpaderpy says:

What size pan is that?

andy boothe says:

Amazing chef and gent.

Student Loan Millionaire says:

Bless him. What a great man.

bart gregory says:

Great recipe for a favourite breakfast…….thanks Gary!!!!!!!!!!!

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