Healthy Pan Cooked Prawns | Jamie Oliver

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This is a perfect quick recipe for making mid-week or when you want something a little bit lighter. Fresh prawns cooked in a wok with chillis and sugar snap peas. Then mixed in with high-protein butter beans and fresh tomatoes on a platter of toasted chiabatta.

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DF – This is a dairy-free recipe


sasquatchtotem says:

I made it. Was delicious. Will make often henceforward. Very happy

Hanaa Ouali says:

i was looking for a dish with shrimps and i fell inlove with the look of it

buzzfunk says:

What kind of seasoning should I be using?

Hatija786 Love says:

Looks nasty looking at it I'm out byeeeeeeeee

А. Amadeus says:

Jamie Oliver he's the best I love prawns and definitely will 🍳 tomorrow


Love it🥰🤩😍

ladyalka3 says:

You forgot spring onion 😉

D EY says:

Tried it it was a success

Beautiful Vdo says:

First buy from prawn n hw to make it prawn ..

Galactic123 says:

I didn't see any salt or seasoning go on anything, it looks like this would be quite bland.

Today Today says:

Thanks for the healthy version of shrimp, this is the only one i could find it without the deep oil fry.

Colette Klassen says:

I am cooking this for my lover tomorrow for Valentine's Day you just saved my life

Roro Ra says:

I remember I watched you on Fatafet channel 🤔

zubair ahmed says:

Dear Oliver
Extreamly Nice way you cook prawns

Sterling Move says:

Love you jamie.

bill cosby but before the rapes says:

This does not look as delicious as he describes it

Иван Доронин says:

It's not too healthy to mix animal protein and plant one.

Strini Pillay says:

Just Love your video….I have eaten prawns from most parts of the world ,,,,the worst prawns are Indian , Malaysian and much more these prawns are generally bland and must be spiced to even get the slightest enjoyment ….I am sad to say that some chefs do not know the difference between the best tasting prawns and grading. My long stay in London taught me that London generally does not have any quality prawns. It is amazing that big stores and restaurants sell prawns labelled King but in reality it is 3s meaning it is 3 times smaller than small ( small prawns usually called "S" size the count is between 31 to 40 per KG usually average between 35 per KG compare this to what I gotn London was a rip off. I have been dealing in prawns for the past 10 years and in my experience the best prawns I have eaten thus far are the Mozambican white , pink and brown prawns. I import a large quantity to South Africa and my stock is all sold before it even arrives at the depot. For those prawn lovers when you eat prawns enquire as to where the prawns are from and the size and then make you judgement based on the size , flavour , succulency and texture I know this might be difficult if you have not tasted Mozambican prawns . When I cook prawns I do not use any spices just little salt and garlic I believe the taste of the prawn should not be camouflaged with spices truly the Mozambican prawns are the best it is succulent , incredibly tasty and firm . It is just sad that many people have not tasted this quality

Shyamasree Dutta says:

Very tasty & healthy too..

Retro Decc says:

Just wanted to know the basics ya walloper

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