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Make your summer meatless and light with spiraled veggie noodles topped with this delicious lentil bolognese.

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Megha Bairwal says:

this is not lentil bolognese this is khichdi

Arre Mahamed says:

Is there a another alternative instead of red wine

sratra says:

Everything was fine until they used makeshift zuchini fucking noodles instead of pasta. Fuck that!

Dan Minecrafter says:

No MEAT!!! 😧 meh…

gabriella delfina di blasio says:

Nonsense. Please don't call that bolognese.

Florentina Benesch says:

Arent you usually not supposed to salt lentils before they're cooked?

Sian Gregory says:

Soooo tasty. Just made this and it’s so simple but oh so delicious 😋 Thank you Tasty.

Sharon Young says:

what was added after the lentils but before the tomatoes? I can't wait to try this.

Lebogang Sekwati says:

I'm going to try both these recipes. Wow. So inspired!!

We Know What to Cook says:

Very tasty fast and refreshing dish! Thank you for the wonderful recipe! 🥒🧀

Gabriela says:

What's that after the lentils and before the tomatoes?

Fabíola Cardoso says:

Hummm! Deliciosas.

PD.P기쁨이 says:

looks great😆

Mat Mar says:

I tried it and it was actually pretty good.
Didn't use any celery but twice as much tomatoes! Thanks!

We Know What to Cook says:

I tried to cook it! Delicious! I advise everyone to cook! this should be the main dish in the family🥰😋

sharu812 says:

Does any one know what they put after the lentil?

S O F I A M O R A L E S says:

Tasty: New episode
Me: Watches that looks good! I should try it for dinner! (Or lunch etc.)
Also me: Never Does
Tasty: Another new vid
(Cycle goes over again)

Ramlethal Valentine says:

*Crave more Lentils?*

Me: No, but continue.

Nixano says:

Im actually confused you don't blender walnuts or carrots you have to slice them one by one

Uriah Hill says:

Nvm i think i mistaked Bolognese for bologna

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