Top 10 Popular Indian-American Dishes

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Top 10 Popular Indian-American Dishes

What are the most popular Indian American dishes? Which Indian dish tastes the best and is easiest to make? These are our picks for the most popular Indian dishes in America. Stay tuned to see whether some of the classics like Korma, Barfi, Biryani, Beef Vindaloo, Samosas or Tandoori Chicken make the cut or get chopped!

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Niket Dhakne says:

I can eat biryani for rest of my life

Rishabh Mahajan says:

Butter Chicken is Overrated AF

Gurprem Singh says:

No masala dosa??

Sam Ash says:

Her cringey ass pronunciations and my heart! 😭😭😭

Ishika Chowdhury says:

Ao kabhi india..fuchka aur momo khilake hi ghar bhejenge

Yasser Arafat Abedin says:


Aquiophelia studios says:

Watch mojo you're in some areas basically technically magnetically and electonically wrong 😄

Pax Meds says:

Hearing these yanks talk about curry / subcontinental cuisine is hilarious! Singed – a proud Brit. 😉

Yasser Arafat Abedin says:


Rohang Draws says:

That was basically North Indian cuisine

Sriram Vaidyanathan says:

biriyani is indian

undisputed one says:

Has none of u heard of pani puri.. It's present on every Street in india

Merrill George says:

Who else cringed at all the pronounciation…

Merrill George says:

Naan is not a side!

Kunal Kapur says:

Alu Gobhi
Mattar paneer
And too much
Are in our daily life
And samosa

suyog bhise says:

biryanii is love <3….

puneet gulati says:

lists chana masala, shows chana chaat….ms mojo you need to do some research

AnifleX says:

Chana masala? Are u serious

Sudendu Gupte says:

I am already hungry and need to eat breakfast, good.

Alvin Vazquez says:

Beef Vindaloo shouldn’t be an Indian food besides Indians don’t eat beef because they’re Hinduism

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