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We FINALLY found these non-dairy Magnum Ice Cream Bars at our small town Kroger and HAD to taste test them and let YOU know what WE thought of them! Let me know if you’ve tried these before in the comments below!
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Rockin' Vegan says:

Have you tried these bars before?? What did you think of them? 🤔

Ashley Nicole Rice says:

I still haven't found these! haha! So many brain freezes. haha! Totally need to find these!

Marie Johnson says:

"I'm just trying to figure out what it's made of…." OMG, Liz! I did/ said the exact same thing in my Magnum Taste Test! It's so true! There's no plant milk in it! Ha! They're super tasty but we only buy them when they're BOGO, since there are SIX vegans in our house it's way too $$$$!

vegan and proud says:

I want to try these! Why was it only 3 in the box lol that doesn't make sense to me lol

VegInspired says:

lol – I prefer an even number too… I mean how does a couple share a box of 3… Good to know you liked them, keeping my eyes peeled they look delish!

Ashley Alexander - Living Free Ashley says:

$5 for 3 bars!? That's amazing! I know you thought it was a bit pricey but where I'm from, that would be a steal haha! I haven't had the Magnum bars here yet (Vancouver, BC), but I'd guess they'd be around $8-$9 for the 3 bars. I'll report back when I find them. You're in the States right?

Jon's Conscious Life says:

I haven’t seen the vegan magnum here yet but looks good.

Deliciously Plant-Based: Raw Living Food says:

This looks yummy! I love vegan ice cream and will need to try these. 😊

Amanda Rose says:

Yes! Love these ice creams 🙂
They taste exactly like I remember Magnums tasting. Love them! I love the almond ones more too 🙂
I agree three is a weird number for the box… do they want couples to fight over the last one lol!

LiveLifeLori says:

mmm looks good! I thought the same thing when I tried the Haagen Dazs Dairy free ice cream bars, why only 3 in a package?!? What the actual? I like my even numbers too! ha!

Tommy Kelly says:

I absolutely love these almond Magnum,as we’ve had them good few months here in U.K. and glad you guys found them.You guys are always a laugh 😁.Haha I agree yours didn’t look as much almonds 👌.Glad you guys enjoyed them but they are quite pricey as they are £3.99 here in U.K. which is about the same as your $5 🙌

Aleihana Vegan says:

I love your face when you taste it hahaha

Tula Love says:

I haven't tried it yet but you have to try,
So Delicious Mango Swirl 😊💞
It's So Delicious 😍😂

JustLiv says:

I got a brain freeze just from watching lol I don't like spending money either but $1.60 per bar sounds like a deal! Great review

Megan Kerry says:

Adam and I just found these at our walmart!! I had good intentions of doing a review, but I couldn't wait to open the box lol!!! They were EXCELLENT!! We tried the almond ones:)

Calm Chords says:

I didn't realize they made vegan magnum ice cream bars, thank you for sharing! I look forward to more vegan recommendations, just subscribed!

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