Classic Ratatouille | 5 A Day Dish

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Get your full 5 a day in this one delicious super simple ratatouille recipe. Beautiful pan-fried veg packed with goodness and flavour and served with a wedge of crusty bread. Total perfection!

Check out for more super healthy 5 a day recipes. Enjoy!

Check out for more super healthy 5 a day recipes and get the Ratatouille here:

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itsjemmabond says:

I add honey to mine😊

dalila Abderrazak says:

Huuuuum. Excellent recipe. I loved it!
Dalila from Paris

Tom F says:

And if the weather's hot, you can eat it cold on a Bruncietta.

INNA Половинко says:

how much tomato paste need to put in dish?

Will Sal says:

what's a courgette?

Yeah says:

Whats the song in the background its awesome

Jorge Molina says:

Adorei a musica alguém sabe que banda essa?

Jim Brown says:

Courgette? Come on now, youtube is American. Call it Zucchini. You should call of the ingredients by its American name. k thnx bi.

Adi saputra says:

perfect match..
Classic Rattaouille and sourdough bread

David Powell says:

toss some parm on top! Bam! Another notch!

Constantly Learning says:

Damn! I think this may be lunch today 🙂

Calum Calum says:

Where R U Jamie?

Amber Kelley says:

This is such an awesome recipe and video! I love the style of it! Thank you for the recipe Jamie!

yosoyalbertico says:

What kind of FONT use for letters?? Thanks

Jason Li says:

Looks delicious! Definitely going to try it out.

David Stanley says:

Very smooth Jamie

mlski says:

I cooked this ratatouille today. full of flavour! great dish!

#Juicy Mango says:

Hi, Jamie I am 11 years old do you think I can cook

Anthony Rizzo says:

Ratatouille the True one: whitout red onion, whitout grilled veges, whitout lemon etc … this is a good meal for sure but not a "ratatouille"

#Juicy Mango says:

Very, Very Nice. That looks so good!!

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