Enjoy Vegetarian MANGALOREAN BREAKFAST At 96-Year-Old Taj Mahal Restaurant | Mangalore | Food Lovers

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Although popular for its seafood delicacies, Mangalore is also home to some of the oldest culinary institutions that serve up traditional vegetarian fare.

The Taj Mahal Veg Restaurant is one such establishment that is nearly a 100 years old. In this episode of Gourmet On The Road, Food Lovers’ Editor, Kripal Amanna enjoys Mangalorean breakfast classics at the restaurant, with dishes like the tuppa dosa, biscuit roti, kashi halwa and more!

He also interacts with co-owner, Vishnu Shenoy, discovering how the restaurant and the kitchen functions.

Crisp yet soft, slightly tart and loaded with the goodness of ghee! Delicious breakfast choice! Rs 40. 10/10

Subtle chilli hit. Not as spicy as the name suggest. Rs 20. 7/10

Deep fried wheat flour roti stuffed with coconut and spices. Best eaten with chutney. Rs 25. 8/10

Crisp on the outside and airy inside, with a hint of sweetness that complements the chutney. Rs 25. 9/10

Flavoured with ripe banana and fried! Great for a snack! Rs 25. 8/10

An over 90-year-old dessert made with wheat and pure ghee! Sticky, sweet and seriously addictive! Rs 25 per piece. 9/10

Intense caramel flavour and not overly sweet! A halwa you can go back to! Rs 25 per piece. 9/10

Strong like a filter coffee should be with a nice roast on the beans! Rs 27. 10/10

Crumbly texture and perfectly sweet! Comfort snack! Rs 280 per kilo. 10/10

Won’t be able to tell that this dessert is made with a vegetable! Delicious! Rs 30. 10/10

Taj Mahal Veg Restaurant, Mangalore Railway Station Road, opposite government wenlock, hospital, Hampankatta, Mangaluru 575 001; tel +91 82424 23195

LOCATION TAG – https://maps.app.goo.gl/24YwTcG8qpEhM15FA

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raghavendra .v says:

but little bit expensive side

raghavendra .v says:

pls make in kannada your kannada spoken style is good to hear

Navya Shree says:

Hi please visit Dhaathri vana in Tumkur road , traditional food of Karnataka

kaushal ganesh says:

I like the Mysore bonda dipped in mysore saambhar and a pinch of pudina chutney and still a pinch of tomato kaara chutney, The tuppa Dosa hearing for first time, I had experience in traveling in and around Karnataka and the one my favorite in breakfast is Mysore masala dosai, snack was Mysore bonda stuffed inside with potatoes green chili and Green peas, and for the lunch I prefer to have Mysore rasam and the famous bisi bhela bhuli the kind of saambhar saatham with all vegetables, which I know to prepare.

Pooja says:

Good presentation

Suhas P says:

You come chitradurga

GM Bharath Kumar says:

thank u sir for Veg BF…

Rohan Lohar says:

Hi come to Belgaum Karnataka we have best food of Maratha and south Indian, but you travel all over Karnataka but you had not explore Belgaum food have lot of variety of food. So one episode on Belgaum. Thank you

Savita Pai says:

Thank u for sharing sir. These all items r we preparing at home instead of that teek puri definitely I will trying to do next time. That both halwas r also amazing.


I hope you will do Ninan's one day soon. Thanks.


Prasad Madapura says:

Nice presentation. Some notes : Goli bajji is known as Mangaluru bajji in Bengaluru but it's not very popular. Kashi halwa also available in Bengaluru but is not that popular. Most kannadiga marriages in Bengaluru or Mysuru have Kasi halwa for morning breakfast.
You have missed out an most popular eatery in Bengaluru ….the samrat restaurant of Hotel Chalukya. The Dosse n Rava idli was very popular once a time. Even now Badam halwa n the Lagu aahar …the light lunch as it is called is brilliant even today.

Dr. Nirmal Raj says:

Mangalore population is a mix of tulu, konkani, malayali and kannadiga

Prs Sharma says:

Healthy can be Goli baje ,buns etc when they are made with millets like jower etc.

Suresh Rao says:

We have grown up with Taj Magal hotel since childhood at different places in Mangalore… ultimate…

Mithun Kartha says:

The owner seems to have had his share of halwa…daily…

srikanth sinmoglar says:

The board in kannada and English OK but why in malayalam language

Santosh Kumar says:

Kripal annanige kannadanu barutte…. en saar, neevu kodanunavaraa?

Chetana A says:

Nice video .. Feeling hungry .. Just a question, why u eat sweet at the end just before having coffee !! I think tea / coffee wont taste good after havibg sweet.. I think many agree on this☺

sarath sasi says:

Presentation is amazing

Venkaatesh Iyer says:

Feeling hungry after watching your videos…… I had to forcefully reschedule my meetings….. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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