Hot For Food Cookbook Recipe Test | Vegan Comfort Classics | Best Vegan Cheesecake!!

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Buy Lauren’s Vegan Comfort Classics Cookbook here:

The Recipe:

Today I tested out Lauren’s Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake from her new cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics! Hot For Food is one of my favorite youtube channels where Lauren shares incredible vegan comfort food recipes, that are out of the box and always delicious!! You can check out her youtube channel here:

Thank you so much for watching my video and let me know if you’d like to see more cookbook recipe tests in the comments below.

Hope you are all a great day!!


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hot for food says:

awweeee thanks so much for sharing this!!! <3

gnk1971 says:

I've made this a number of times and it is GOOOOOD!!!

Porcelain1 says:

I'll never understand why someone would continue to eat animals when they know how great vegan food is.

I do Plants says:

It's nice that you don't eat dairy… that's a great step, but if you would eat meat once a week or maybe a month, you would feel even better!.. Not worth killing other animals for food.. believe me!

Sarah & Spices says:

I need to make this ASAP! I lovvee vegan cheesecake:)

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