How To Make Paella – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon shows how to prepare a classic Spanish paella as an alternative to a Sunday roast.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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?? says:

Thanks Gordon I can finally make a ‘paella*soup’ but piss off the whole country of Spain at the same time. THIS IS NOT PAELLA

?? says:

Fuck sake it pisses me off so much. That’s soup with rice not a paella

?? says:

Jesus Christ that’s awful. ¡¡Parece horrible!!!

Ryan Jr says:

Omg y todo esto que es. Por que no es Paella

antonio baena says:

This video should be listed as a crime against humanity

peterman666 says:

Mare de Deu…..

Antonia Cortés says:

Gordon, apologize!

Kenyon Jew says:

Ah, the classic BREXIT paella. God help us all.

redbuki says:

Joder que asco, chorizo con marisco no puedo imaginar una combinación peor.

vicente garcia says:

Jesus! I wanna cry and puke at the same time!

Tyie LeeChong says:

WTH 😒 now he know damn well thts not Paella that shit look wet 🤦🏿‍♀️

Recession 2019-2020 says:

I am an Aussie touring in Spain right now. After eating some amazing seafood paella at the Restaurante Navarro in Valencia came fo youtube to find good Paella recipe. What Ramsay has done here is an insult to Paella. Hopefully he has the humility to read the comments, dislikes and use it as feedback and learn the taste and depth of real Valencian paella.

FAB says:

Os lo juro un puto triggered spaniards más y os meto el solomillo Wellington por el puto culo

raveesh Srinivasan says:

Ramsay thinks whatever he makes defines that cuisine or history ..something that the British have done so far in history anyway..ahem ahem..

Guillem Pons says:

Screw that!

Carlos _ says:

At least he added some saffron! Man that thing looks awful, that lady should have made another tuna sandwich! lol

Robert Mayfair says:

This is not a good paella

manuel vasco says:

classic spanish paella???oh yes sure,with chorizo……no tienes ni puta idea Gordon

James Sparapani says:

This guy is a sad attempt of a cook . I don’t know who destroys food more, British or Americans. Aside from the terrible combination and pathetic attempt of making a Spanish dish, my favourite part is at 3:38, when they show a picture of the plate with a closed clam inside, absolutely delicious!!

Isaac Espinosa says:

So disgusting

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