The Traveling Vegetarian – Atlanta, GA – Veggieland

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Yvonne Smith, The Traveling Vegetarian, pays a visit to Veggieland in Atlanta, GA. This all-vegetarian cafe is owned by Happy, a passionate woman, who incorporates her customer’s suggestions into a diverse and whimsical menu.


GilbertTV says:

love this place ..used to go here in the late 1990s when visiting Atlanta … good to see Happy still there… she mad that place

Stacey Nguyen says:


whatever you dont know what your talking about

veganchica81 says:

This is THE BEST VEGAN FOOD EVER! I am addicted. I just found out they are moving bc their bld was sold, but they don't know where they'll move. I'll starve with out them. Super nice and fab food!!!

Ben Peterson says:


Stacey Nguyen says:

wow….happy's restaraunt? you're kidding right? i'm sorry but you might want to check your facts…this restaurant has alwayz been my dad's restaurant!! way before happy was ever in the picture!!

schwarzblatt says:

Happy is ultra hot.

AtlantaSistah says:

I love this place! I have not been there in awhile. i will have to pay them a visit. Tanks for reminding me about this place. Happy is so friendly. She always has a smile on her face.

generatrix999 says:

I can see why she's called 'Happy'. Yvonne,I would love to bake your potato anytime.

flyflinger says:

happy is seriously the nicest person in the world. and the food is really good there. and it's right around the corner from me

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