5 Things to do With….Tomatoes | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve trawled the Food Tube archives to bring you our favourite tomato based recipes that you may have missed first time round. Enjoy!

If there’s an ingredient or theme you’d like to see featured in the Throw Back Thursday series comment below!

Links from the video:

Tomatoes 5 Ways Playlist | http://jamieol.com/5TomPlaylist

Ultimate Tomato Salad | http://jamieol.com/TomatoSalad
Bloody Mary | http://jamieol.com/BloodyMaryJO
Mexican Tomato Soup | http://jamieol.com/MexTomSoup
Hot Sauce | http://jamieol.com/HotSauce
Perfect Pizza | http://jamieol.com/PerfectPizza

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RoShamBo says:

Friggin love tomatos

Tobias Powell says:

You made a meal not a drink 😂😂😂

ApacheX11 says:

I down thumbed because of how he says tomatoes.

Guto Mattos says:

Jamie, great video. Tomatoes are mult task.

slightly_murderous_sorcerer says:

The more variations of Bloody Marys I see, the more it sounds less like a cocktail and more like tomato soup with vodka in it

Bisirat Abeba says:

How long do u cook the tomato soup before using the purree-gadget?

abbas1872 says:

Great, how about five things to do with Okra. Please

Joanna MacInnes says:

I love tomatoes and black pudding does anyone else like this combination?

معرفه معرفه says:

i like it too ,good ways to use tomattoes 😍

Rena Takeda says:

soooo inspiring!!!! Love it!!!!

Prussian701 says:

My mom loveas tomatoes

- JCDN - says:


Dave LaBadie says:

I would love to try your bloody Mary, yum!! I love the videos, thank you for sharing!!

Arda Ozbutun says:

I don't think that he put enough cheese in the pizza

Francesca Lever says:


LOVE Genarro

Maria Zelener says:

I swear I can listen to him say tomato all day without losing interest. It's so perfect, and in a really randomly strange way hilarious. And that accent on the a. Just like, listen. tomato. tomato! TOMATO!

Lucid Dream Walking says:

Love… Love Jaime Oliver! His food is always on point.

Feriel La squale says:

I adore you Jamie😘😘😘

PotatoMC says:

2:40 but do you know what i love more than tomatoes?

Rowena Cardoza says:

Fresh tomatoes!!! Didn't I just see canned tomatoes!!

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