9 Essential Egg Recipes

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I love poached eggs 🥚💧💦

NoxChibi says:

These recipies are like: raw egg with raw egg seasoned with uncooked eggs

Lem & Lin Animations says:

Chicken disliked this.

Henry Fergusson says:

Unsubscribes for tastes good

goodnight n go says:

that steamed egg looks absolutely disgusting

Smooth Desire says:

I put an egg in my arse once and popped it out like I was a chicken laying an egg… what do you think you could make with that egg?

FRISHR says:

I like my eggs fertilized

FRISHR says:

2:04 in Indonesia we called that Telor Indomie

Mandatory Narcissism says:

I'm having an eggsistential crisis

Loubna Alouach says:

channel hamama beauty

saFa Awan says:

Yesssss!!!I can cook egg😏😏😏

Asaiiku says:

Came here because my teeth are fucked up between dentists appointments and eggs are the only thing I can eat

Miracle Matter says:

they always have to make it gross when they cut into the runny egg snot yolk

watch my vidz page its music says:

Jesus christ mek di egg cook nuh

Moar Animations says:

im watching this because the only thing i knew how to cook was eggs :/

Katada alkhmes says:

جمييل مشهي

Skull snipeR says:

So can I use less than 6eggs at one time for boiling?

Ahmed Mansour says:

I cook my eggs by cutting some chili then some tomatoes and mushrooms and then mix eggs put some butter on the pan then put the vegetables and then put the eggs and put some black pepper and salt and then voila. Bon apetit

AquaDomic says:

I cook my eggs broken fried and flipped add pepper and a little salt on both sides after the golden slightly brown I put on low heat start cutting it into a bread shape low heat put a slice of cheese to melt toast bread then fry bacon or other type of meat get mustard and mayo and a little lettuce I place the bacon add mustard add the egg and the leftover cut eggs I place it on top the cheese add lettuce then mayo a egg sanchwich I love it

Kieran Holm-Olsen says:

Is it just me or is any one else lying in their bed, starving

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