Crab Linguine Part 1 – Gary Rhodes Cookery Year – BBC Food

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Part 1 of 2. Gary Rhodes shows us the first part of how to make his delicious crab linguine. Step by step he takes us through the process of preparing the crab and how to use the left over shell to make an orange and tarragon sauce.

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There’s nothing more satisfying than using ingredients that are bursting with flavour. Gary Rhodes Complete Cookery Year is a celebration of the fact that food always tastes better when it’s in season and shows us how to choose and use the very best home produce for delicious recipes all year round.

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Psycho Skin says:

Soft man with rubber gloves 😂

Sheila W says:

Kind of annoying you make subscribers wait 2+ weeks for part 2. ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAVE TO FILM IT OR SOMETHING.

Richie K says:

why would you not put part 2!!! Trying to build suspense of something? I'm unsubscribing to this and going to a proper cooking channel.

Bas van der Graaff says:

music by: Air – Ce Matin La (Moon Safari)

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