Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver

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Happy Father’s Day! Win over your dad with this incredible Eggs Benedict recipe finished 5 different ways. Choose from ham, smoked salmon, crabmeat, mushroom and spinach or burnt ends. All delicious, all will set your old man up for the day and all will be sure to get you massive brownie points.

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Šídlo says:

He has a problém with olive oil oliver

layba Benedict says:

I'll love some Benedict Cumberbatch in the morning plz

li Wu says:

Bendynoodle crossword-match would definitely like this!

Christiane Boguslawski says:

Love you and your wonderful way to cook!

RP Cainoy says:


Oleksandr L says:

How can one be pro-vegan and at the same time pour olive oil so wastefully?

Staci Jensen says:

Where do you purchase heat proof cling film?

VC1 says:

I love Hollandaise sauce, but f**k, the amount of butter….

yueshijoorya says:

He speaks better than Gordon.

Alaister Mclellan says:

i dont like boiling my food in plastic……

Michaela more says:

I'm an Egg Slut this is soooooo good😋

Еламан Казбеков says:

Lol are we all gonna ignore the eggsack? Hahahaha

Marcimo says:

Gladwrap for the eggs, bit wasteful.

Andrew Christie says:

can you say gals or guys, gals push it forward a bit

Phil Bemji says:

lol at fake posh accent

Djaalab Joseph says:

Yes make egg based recipe for "vegans" 😂

CCN Studios says:

oh my god so much wasted olive oil

Ghost In the Prison says:

Who are these people who downvote keen insider tips and informative videos like this?

angelina i says:

What a brilliant idea about double eggs yolk, thanks Jamie love from Darwin NT

Ducki Flyerz says:

Bet the crab one is hangin

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