Full English Breakfast Part 3 – Gary Rhodes – BBC

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Part three of three. A fried egg and some fried bread are the finishing touches to Gary Rhodes’ take on the full English breakfast. Clip taken from the BBC series Gary Rhodes’ New British Classics. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcworldwide


Anand Patel says:

Baked beans?

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

Yep I respect Gary as a chef, but not as a breakfast chef because that Breakfast looks a mess

David Smith says:

I use Dripping, thanks for everything Gary RIP.

Ameen Ahmed says:

How about wiping off the oil with a paper towel?
And using the oil released from the bacon for other stuff?

PlainwhiteT says:

Weakest excuse for a full English ever .. it needs at least 3 of everything to even be considered FULL ENGLISH

Brendan Marks says:

Adding a knob of butter to fried bread! Jesus!

Marc Simms says:

NOTE: this recipe requires a whole brick of butter.

bobeagle007 says:

Sorry, that brekkie is full of oil.
I do a better fry up.
RIP. Gary.

Kevin Waters says:

Does he have a recipe consisting purely of fried butter. Deep fried butter perhaps ?

Adam 007 says:

Heart attack on a plate

Harry Bond says:

The only problem with this "how to" is you need 6 frying pans and about 1 hour, nobody cooks their breakfast like this

Jonathan Rayne says:

Damn, that looks great!

Catch up TV says:

Three part video for a breakfast that’s all fried in the same pan. Lol.

The Lucky One says:

He sure likes a little breakfast with his butter!

Mr Wizard says:

Super tasty.

Futhark says:

Since when did butter taste like nuts?

Richard Percival says:

Nice to see Gary had a sensible approach to tasty food… Not a snowflake at all…. Anyway if you like chips eat chips… If you like a smoke have a smoke…. The doctors will have is all in bed by 7.30…. (sir Bernard manning)

Gurdeep Chumber says:

Funny reading these comments…a good old English breakfast consists of a lot of butter….eaten in moderation did me no harm….

maxwellfan55 says:

Good to see this breakfast WITHOUT baked beans. As Gary correctly tells us, these are served on toast, another classic altogether.
The recipe is simple.
Fried Bread
The only concession is grilled lambs kidneys if you have em.

Clive Meadows says:

What he was brilliant at , simple foods but cooked to perfection that breakfast looks stunning. RIP Gary Rhodes you championed British food when it needed it.

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