How To Make A Homemade Quiche With Asparagus I British Classics

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In this video chef Paul Mulvenna Pegrum shows you how to make a tasty yet simple asparagus quiche. Great for lunch or dinner this quiche looks and tastes great and will be loved by the whole family.

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moises saldivar says:

Fantastic!!!  I always thought it was harder to make.

Scoff says:

Yep we're big fans of it here at Videojug. Check out our other quiche recipes as well. The breakfast quiche went down a treat!

JohnPaul Dixon says:

Lose the music & go back to talking through the recipe/prep' etc,please.

kokoro nagomu says:

dairy and eggs make me sick so i use the onions and asparagus in a vegan farinata (no crust)… love that combination.

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