How To Make Traditional Irish Stew | Donal Skehan

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RECIPE BELOW ⬇︎ Donal’s back on Food Tube to share his family recipe for this classic dish just in time for St Patrick’s day. And congratulations to Ireland for winning the Six Nations Rugby tournament and a fond farewell to the irreplaceable Brian O’Driscoll. What better way to mark the occasion than with a traditional Irish Stew?

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day? What will you be cooking up for your friends and family this weekend? We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below folks.

Full recipe here :

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D B says:

Irish Harry Potter teaches us how to make Irish lamb stew.

uarz says:

its in the oven right now! i took beef instead of lamb but i hope itll be great still!

Lucas Dobson says:

Mmm got to try this out love lam

Liz Feola says:

I know what to make my man for a special dinner

Cristinact says:

"Very simple ingredients"… Well, of course, it is an Irish dish!

dermod mahon says:

Thanks a million

Dobra Bielinski says:

Looks amazing I'm going to have to try it

Ellie Lillian says:

Just made this for a Sunday dinner, fancied a change. It was lovely! Full of flavour 😛

Stella Jeffrey says:

Delicious. I added pearl barley because that’s how we did it when I was younger 😊💞

Charlotte Lewis says:

I hate too tell u but this is scouse

Times says:

And don't forget to add a tin of oxtail soup for added flavour

Joerg Detzel says:

Don't the Irish use garlic and herbs? I can imagine this even better with a few gloves of garlic and some rosemary.

Iain Little says:

More about the presenter than the dish.

Ian McDonald says:

If ur spuds r not amongst it’s not stew! It’s not cooked in the oven, it’s cooked on a really low heat for 8 hrs, no stock, just salt, pepper and water , oh and the meat should be mutton not lamb! This clown made a feckin casserole lol

Con Job says:

that's not a traditional irish stew, it's not even close that's a Lanchester hot pot

pio910 mfuruki says:

nice host, looks like a morning person 🙂

ahfuckoff says:

Stew ruined my childhood, worst thing to ever be created

Hollie says:

need some wine to deglaze that pot :3

stephendowney1 says:

I have never seen Irish stew made with celery and keeping the potatoes out of it

lynn kesh says:

I thought st Patrick's day is the day people all over make an excuse for getting drunk

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