JAMIE’S SPECIALS | Asparagus Carbonara | Jamie’s Italian

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Everyone loves a carbonara right!? Here’s a little twist on the classic to keep it seasonal, and make it a perfect summer comfort food dish! Now available in Jamie’s Italian!

Links from the video:

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KD unger says:

give that chunk of Panchetta to Genarro..lol he will show you how to cook it properly..no joke

Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf says:

Or temper the eggs with pasta water.

Miejski Bumelant says:

Literally I just got gastrorgasm. Yuuuuum yum!

rory cawley says:

That's a winner!

movinghornet says:

Where's her Adams apple

Sean Ward says:

Shame Jamies passion and vision wasn't fully translated into the Italian restaurant I tried, I watch these self promotion videos and think the food he creates looks delicious, traditional with contemporary twists.
I tried the restaurant in Birmingham and the food was technically sub par, over cooked risotto, rubbery scallops with no colour, under seasoned, absolutely nothing positively memorable about it.

Cali_92 BP906 says:

such a brilliant chef

ArchaeoAngel says:

You’re my favorite chef to watch, Jamie. Love how you cook and explain. Also love that you do stuff for Woolies Australia coz I shop there. This looks amazing! Thank you.

dlxe says:

Was it so difficult to use the word emulsion? 😂

vilko skorlich says:

Jamie Oliver!
You using egg pasta?for Carbonara wow perfect for OMELET!

Mia Homolova says:

I love Jamie

grimTales1 says:

Pancetta – smoked???

Jess Hardman says:

Cross contamination there Jamie no wonder your restaurants are closing

Wahaj Mallick says:

'achieve peppery heat through the pepper' yes, Jamie. I wasn't sure how it worked. thanks for the explanation.

janetta worth says:

Love you Jamie and wish you and your family the greatest success.

vexpressivo says:

Gosh he's absolutely passionate!

Cristian Sampaio says:

in brazil your restaurant put cream in carbonara

Guto Mattos says:

Hummmmmmmm, delicious!!!

Ryan Zad says:

I understand not to use cream, but doens't it mean that your eating raw eggs?

Brian Lange says:

Yes, I keep a wedge of parmesan the size of a basketball under my counter at all times. Easy!

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