Vegan Beer-Battered Fish and Chips | Aubergine (Eggplant) Recipe

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Kale whips up a British classic, Vegan-style.

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Animation by: Jordan Nichols

Music by: Mr Zeenius


Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry says:

Best idea for a prank goes to…

chickpea_girl says:

Can’t wait to try this. Did you guys stop making videos?

Erin's Journey says:

OMG, TRUE FISH AND CHIPS -vegan style!

Kyanne Summer says:

That looks so dope!!

glasscoughs says:

woww this looks so yummy and not too complicated too! great vid

Angela Bedford says:

Nice to see a UK video, exactly what I was looking for, I like the idea of putting the spring onions in the mushy peas.

10xrule 1 says:


Matt Logan says:

just subbed you guys hope you could do the same back!

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