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Jade Weezer says:

lmao how do you think its going rose hahaha. finally i can use some of these cause i was gonna look at my lunch menu the school offers! no one wants salad everyday, besides rabbits.


Pink hair = 🥰

Kara Marzetti says:

I have an idea. Try to make some of your favourite dishes only using ingredients from the dollar store/dollorama. I mean its totally great you can use these cool websites but I’m poor and using the foodbank.

Ashley Jo says:

Your vids are giving me so many ideas and making me so super hungry lol. I pretty much suck at cooking, but I'm not giving up yet! Thanks for the inspiration

Alexisasheep says:

I'm guessing that if you wanna do the yoghurt again save like a tablespoon of the previous batch you did and just add that in the milk and leave it. That's how dairy based yoghurt works and bread and stuff so I'm guessing this would work too.

Xandra J says:

Any suggestions for non-sesame dressings? Allergic to just sesame.

CiCi irishkitty1024 says:

Does tahini have to be refrigerated? It's so thick and hard to mix the oil back in with the butter! What's the best way to store tahini?

Brooklynn Miller says:

Love your videos <3

zoe grey says:

godddd your videos always make me so hungry! lol. can't wait to try these.

K-PoP AnGeL says:

THANK U SO MUCH FOR YOUR CHANNEL 🙂 I didn't know being a Vegan can actually be cheap, most of the time I got discouraged because my shopping center doesn't have a lot of options, I LUH to do online shopping and THANK YOU so much for thrivemarket…I didn't know a place online existed that had cheap Vegan foods! 🙂 This is a lifechanging miracle! kisses

Deuk Kapalucci says:

That hair color to skin tone ratio is phenomenal

mlebron56 says:

I really liked the salads in a jar that you made. Everything looked so fresh and delicious
All your dressings are interesting. Please make a video on dressings alone. 👍

Jobert Menguito says:

Hi Rose. Do you know any Korean restaurants in down town Toronto that offers vegan options?

gloomdoom says:

What school has boiling water available to students?

JAIMIE says:

Dip it.

Dip it good.


Philippa Frédérique says:

Do you think the yoghurt would work with almond milk as well?

AshleenWoods says:

OMG These look so good. And man, I didn't know making yoghurt was so easy!!! I make my own soy milk often, and only us H2O, so I'm totally gonna give this a try! 😀 Super stoked!!!
Love your videos, even if I don't always comment. :3

Mary Ann says:

If you prepare the soba noodle salad ahead of time (5 jars at once), would they last 5 days?

Jessica Smith says:

Homemade soy yogurt?!! My hero <3

Lilly T says:

when you said iherb it sounded like ihop with an accent lol

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