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As Springuine is coming to a close we thought we’d take it to the next level with a high protein pasta. Protein is something we’re always asked about as vegan and being the absolutely massive Goliath we are we thought we’d share one of our high protein recipes. 😂😂

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Bon Bernal says:

Are you 2 australians?

Grapefruit says:

The Music at the begining creeps me out. But a good recipe

Ethnobotanik FAQ says:

I wonder nobody mentioned it: FYI red wine isn’t vegan

Kino BK says:

it’s amazing recipe but there is no ingredient info :((( im sure how to proceed for the chickpeas stuff

Loren Jones says:

Made this recipe without the red wine and it still was great . Loved it,,,

Ruthie H1979 says:

What about Mexican or Chinese food during April?

KE12352 says:

Would love to see a diabetes/insulin resistant recipe friendly month!

Mishelle Bee says:

What can you use instead of wine? I’m alcohol free 🙃

Sarah Calderwood says:

salads / pizzas / soups

Gordon Benson says:

Hi Dave, where's the Tamari?

Björn Mundt says:

Nice. But! In Italy they say, the sauce is waiting for the pasta. Never the pasta is waiting for the sauce! Big mistake.

IvanIV05 says:

This turned out to be a really nice sauce. And it's just a ginger and a few exotic spices away from a nice curry sauce 😀

BTW they will love me in Italy because I bought the pasta machine including that funny contraption for drying out pasta. I actually enjoy the process, it does not take that much time and the taste is excellent. And given that even my skills did not manage to sabotage the result, I can recommend it to anybody 😀 I tried with and without an egg to compare the dough and the resulting product and I can confirm you don't need an egg to make an excellent pasta. I'll try to mix in a wholemeal flour next.

Lyla Rovello says:

Instant pot week night meals! Love my electric pressure cooker and one pot dinner ideas.

mcnulty says:

Maybe you guys could do a full day of eating video 🙂 Just take us through your regular meals from breakfast to dinner

Megaross says:

Tbh a rolling pin will do a fine job of making pasta. Got a pasta roller and it's just a pain to use by comparison.

Roll out thin, constantine, cut noodles. Jobs a goodun.

Jenny Broadbent says:

would love to see a curry series and rice dishes because it's super cheap for students!! Love your videos 🙂

kickthespike says:

air frying dishes please!

Brown Holiday says:

Nice 👍🏽

Ace McLoud says:

A quarter litre of vegetable stock. What's that in miles?

Eduardo Casteluci says:

I definitely need that t-shirt, boys! Amazing.

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