How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

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Rie McClenny says:

Hope you enjoyed the video ☺️
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Erik Porto says:

i wish i had a japanese mum when i was in high school

Kenix says:

I tried the dinner thing (i cant remember the name) in Osaka and it was amazing

Scoodly Doodly says:

I love the Japanese culture, everything about it is so pretty and sophisticated

Nebuchadnezzar Kkoma says:

Cheaper option:

1: kidnap Japanese chef

2: force him to cook for you


– Gordon Ramsay

Ryan Ingram says:

5:07 even the radioactivity?

Mohamed Ahuzam says:

Could you please make a cooking video for Japanese food without pork or alcohol.

Juan Martinez says:

Is the white sauce mayo? Or something else?

Chicken_nuggets says:

It's okay Rie! We still love your accent, because it's so cute❤

Kurami Chan says:

They all look so good. My favorite is sushi and other foods I have tried.

ii_Peachxyy says:

Im half japanese and my fave food here is misoshiru and natto! Oh! And specially the curry!

suryadi taufan says:

I thought it was pete ( petai )

dira says:


petrixhore says:

I might make some of this! 😋


it’s making me so hungry!!!!! looks amazing

petersondavid79 says:

She’s going live to 1,000

kevin kevin says:

Comment section:OMg RiE toO pReCIOus "once you get to know your rice cooker it's your friend" OMg RiE toO pReCIOus

Mrunal Devasthali says:


Angelene Pingue says:

That all looked so tasty 😍

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