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Ronan Ja says:

Whoever was recording was a bit lame

Ronan Ja says:

Who’s the boy on the left is it his son

Michele Rustean says:

Buddy is my hero. As a mother one of my greatest achievements is teaching my son to be a good cook who loves to eat and cook all vegetables and dishes from many different cultures. Cooking is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.

Herald says:

You are such an amazing father

Justyna Brzezina says:

👍👍👍 for Buddy

Uwe Schroeder says:

The boy is impressively proficient with a knife for his age. Well, ok, Dad is great with a knife too. I just love seeing kids having an interest in cooking – way too rare these days. It's funny how my neighbors react to me cooking in the driveway — long story, but I'm remodeling my kitchen and takeout is just not an option for me, so I hooked up the old camping equipment in the driveway, set up a makeshift sink and that's where I cook these days until I have my kitchen done. I just hope the weather holds for a little bit longer…

Gigi says:

Because I complained on a previous video (still gave it a like, though), I especially to say thank you for this one because it focuses on one recipe and shows all the details so I can make it, and I will as the ingredients are common. Also enjoyed seeing Buddy do such a great job.

QueenNoTeetha151 says:

I bought a pestle and mortar. I noticed when I ground things that powder would come off of the actual bowl and I didn't like the idea of that mixing with my food so I didn't use it again. It wasn't a cheap one either! Wonder where you can get one that doesnt do that.

M Sampson says:

Parenting 101
Don’t laugh when your child gets injured, stop cooking and tend to his wound.
Poor lil lad needed cool water on it immediately!
How disappointing, watching him rub it as it was hurting was painful for us.

Beata Borucka says:

Who and what has turned JO into artificial, pathetic and no-personality creature??? I want JO as he was – natural, noughty ang lovely with passion and enthusiasm. UFO kidnaped JO, and sent the alien. JO came back please!!!

Kate Bowen says:

I noticed Jamie used 'big boy', very Marco!!

Kate Bowen says:

Got the book last week!!

Lolly Alwazxmas says:

Yes please! I always loved everything I’ve seen you cook!

Cornwall 59 says:

Buddy is the star

Matilda Martin says:

Very Delicious teaching his son the rules of the kitchen what a terrific father .I remember Jamie along time ago when he was a youngster now he’s grown with many children so a Fabulous thank you fir these recipes you’re son will be a terrific Chef one day I will have my son send for your Veg Cook Book!!!***❤️❤️❤️

mikimi steinberg says:

Jamie needs to move the handle of his pan inwards so it doesn't catch on his sleeve/elbow/child running by.

S S says:

Oh no! Did his son get burned by the sauce? His poor wrist looks red. 😢

JoGabJo says:

I can’t wait to try this recipe! I hope Buddy’s hand was ok x

Mina Naji says:

You are the best

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Cannot wait to see what vegan recipes are in the new book!

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