Spicy Sausage Rice by Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon demonstrates how to cook this simple rice dish.

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Paula Johnson says:

Anyone in Louisiana can make better Jambalaya.

Real One says:

I always thought that u get more flavor by cooking the sausage in the casing and the chopping them off but if Gordon says otherwise I'm not gonna argue

Carla Leonard says:

Rather use chorizo and pico de gallo , then the iltain sauage and bell pepper and onion .

K Comm says:

…aaaaand he will charge $375 for this entree…….

Matt Pruim says:

I actually made this, and it might be because I'm not gordon ramsay, but it really wasn't good at all lol.

Sarah White says:

Looks good I must try this!!

Michael Hayes says:

Any suggestions for an alternative to the wine

Sophia says:

Well I'm starved!

WhO WaNtS SoMe JaMbAlAyA!?

Afrah Iqbal Mujahid says:

It's bothering me that he hasn't used any salt

foot licker says:

What was the stock, vegetable or chicken?

Alka Seltzer says:

Rice looks undercook

Panagiotis Kolofotias says:

I tried it out and it came out reaally spicy.How can i tone it down a bit? Also although it tasted pretty good i find it was a little bit greasier than it should have been.Did i put too much oil in? or stock?

Alex Escalante says:

Guys what kind of sausage is that? Go but anything else? Thanks in advance.

Arindam Roy says:

US wants to spread democracy in the pan…

Huncho 8 says:

Love how he empasize a tablespoon of olive oil while still pouring half a gallon 😂😂

John Delo Salgado says:

Biggest Lie of 2019
"Epstein killed himself."

Biggest Lie of 2020
"One tablespoon of Olive Oil."

Still the master @gordonramsay!

Que Dizzle says:

I love Gordon Ramsay. He really does know how to cook.

SATAN Xy says:

anything else I can use instead of wine?

kevin baculi says:

"tablespoon only"


Joey Perez says:


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