Tomato, Aubergine & Ricotta Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Everyday Super Food

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This is guilt-free comfort food at it’s very best! Jamie’s ‘Happiness Pasta’ is made with aubergine, tomatoes, chilli & garlic, all cooked down into a beautiful pasta sauce with ricotta. Serve it up with some wholewheat pasta and you’re making a great, healthy meal for four people. Not only that, but it’s only 470 calories per portion. Winner!

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I'd like to see Jamie do some whole food plant based dishes with no oils or animal products of any kind. The forks over knives book is great for ideas and of course we know that Jamie would find creative ways to ramp up the flavours.

Toma Sova says:

Don't cook this one in first dates. Unless you want to break the fart barrier very early in the relationship

Sultana Razia says:

Why not fresh tomatoes 🍅

Greg Borman says:

Anyone tried this without the ricotta? Or does someone have a non cow milk alternative cheese to suggest?

João Pamplona says:

Love this dish . Doing it for my parents just now!

Dan Gleebles says:

This guy loves an adjective.

Eva Plicchi says:

I suggest fresh tomato colled perino.

dalila Abderrazak says:

Excellent recipe. I just added a pinch of salt.
Thanks Jamie. You’re the best.

Bunny Gacha says:

Your food is about bringing friends and family together and I respect you for this. God Bless You n keep you your family safe.

SSPVegetaa says:

Okay, so. Hubby and I just finished stuffing our faces with this dish and omgosh it was amazing!! Thank you Jamie!

Mr. Tomato トマトさん says:

Just enjoy watching how he cooks
Never try to cook the food at home

gambino458 says:

vraiement superbe cette vidéo merci

Lauren Barr says:

This looks lovely, but parmesan isn't actually vegetarian 🙄
Although you could swap that out for mozzarella I guess 🤷‍♀️

Kayena says:

Looks good, but you can easily double the amount of garlic

Aisha S says:

Gonna make tomorrow 🤤

Aisha S says:

Canned tomatoes? Really? How hard is to buy tomatoes and cut them in half and cook a bit

Aisha S says:

I would rather bake Auberginen and use fresh tomatoes instead

prabuddha sharma says:

I've cooked it and now I can't eat anything else🤤🤤

Cherry Metha says:

Jamie , no wonder your wife has so many children with you ……. your seduce her with your food! That dish looks delicious. What a talented chef you are !


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