Feta and Spinach Filo Pie | Jamie Oliver

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A super quick and brilliantly simple feta and spinach pie which uses layers of filo pastry to give you the most amazingly crispy pie that is perfect for a hot summers day.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals originally aired on Channel 4. If you’re UK based you can watch Jamie programmes on All 4 www.channel4.com

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Maria Hastings says:

Can i use mozzarella instead of chedder?

Dawn Graham says:

id add a couple more things to mine,roasted diced red peppers and some shrimp

Keshav Prasath says:

I've got a question if anyone could help me out here! I'm from Melbourne and we get a lot of really good borek's in our local markets (I'm assuming they're Turkish). However, after doing my research, I found out that boreks are made with filo pastry. I've worked with filo before and I'm pretty sure they're very flaky and crisp. However, the 'borek's' I've had from these markets had more of a flatbread sort of outer layer. They seem to have been pan-fried (both flat sides are crips whilst the side and inside are still bready). However I've also had gozleme's and they're rather soft(like an Indian paratha). I'm just confused and I'm trying to find what was is that I buy at all these markets that say that they're selling borek? Is there a special name for it? It defs cant be made from filo cause they were nothing like the filo related pastries I've had in the past! I'd be very appreciative if anyone who's familiar with this cuisine could help a fellow foodie out here! Desperately want to remake them at home!

Aarieff Amir says:

3:00 egg mitcher

Christos Nikoulis says:

Looks delicious but definitely not a Greek recipe.

A. K. says:

This is not how we do it in Greece. Έλληνες εμφανιστείτε.

Rick Girthquake says:

Ur a nob Oliver!

patricia hanson says:

so good, just made it, so easy, happy camper here 🙂

Grey Panda says:

What can I use as a vegan substitutes for eggs?

Alicia Star says:

One of my favourite things to order at our local Greek restaurant. Never had faith in myself to bake with filo, can’t wait to make this at home now 🤤

Kofi O says:

Definitely not a 30m job

Dodo says:


Cindy Dee says:

Made this tonight. It was lovely! Made me feel like a fancy chef. 🙂

Alma Bakiaj says:

Another "bastard" is born, as usual

HarrodsFan says:

Nice but Jamieeeeee…….we don't put pine nuts in our feta and spinach pie in Greece !! but hey !! it's an Oliver recipe with a twist lol 🙂


made this decent recipe and added Keta Salmon came out real nice

shyam iyengar says:

What can we replace the eggs with?

Σπανακόπιτα says:

Τι έκτρωμα είναι αυτό Παναγία μου. Και η συνταγή χάλια φαίνεται. Δεν είναι μόνο το θέμα της δήθεν νεoτερικότητας αλλά τα τεχνικά λάθη. Η γέμιση μοιάζει ήδη "χωνεμένη" (μπιάξ) πριν τη τυλίξει σε αυτά τα χαρτιά Α4. Ποιο το νόημα να παρουσιάσεις συνταγή για πίτα χωρίς το φύλλο; Αν το πάρεις έτοιμο τι δείχνεις δηλαδή πως βράζεται το σπανάκι (που κανονικά δεν μπαίνει βρασμένο κιόλας);

noorsaba khan says:

Yo Jamie what's up with the hair😂🤣

Gigi Schiller says:

Instead of cheddar you should have used Ricotta cheese ❤️

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