Magnum Vegan – Chocolate & Berry dessert

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Give your guests the pinnacle of pleasure with this sumptuous vegan dessert. Velvety vegan ice cream, encased in chocolate and enriched by a subtle strawberry mousse. Your guests will be wishing they could eat the ice cream sticks too!

Suggested recipe for 4 people

4 Magnum Vegan Classic ice creams
20 blueberries
8 strawberries
4 blackberries
8 tablespoons of strawberry sauce
Vegan cookie crumble
Purple flower petals (optional)
Gold sprinkles (optional)

For the white-chocolate flavour strawberry mousse
40 g Vegan white chocolate alternative
30 g Strawberry jam
40 g Whipped vegan cream alternative

Heat the strawberry jam in a pan and stir occasionally.
For the mousse, place the vegan white chocolate alternative in a heat-proof bowl, cover and set over boiling water until melted. Once melted, mix in the strawberry sauce well.
Whisk vegan cream alternative into soft peaks then gently add the white chocolate strawberry sauce, mixing it together with a tablespoon until a soft mousse forms.

Plating (To be served immediately)
Place a tablespoon of strawberry sauce a couple of inches from the edge of each plate. With a spoon or a palette knife, spread the sauce across the center in a straight line.
Take the Magnum Vegan Classics from the freezer and place at the center of each plate.
Generously spoon the mousse on top of the Magnum.
Decorate with the fruits, vegan cookie crumble and flower petals of your choice.
For a final touch dust with gold sprinkles.

Ready to indulge into this delicious dessert


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