4 Easy Instant Pot Dinners

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Sae Kim says:

1. You might as well use a damn pan to cook shrimp. 🤔
2. You literally threw in rice without washing it…u know how much pesticides, arsenic and literal crap there is in that rice? Disgusting yo.
3. Potroast, no brainer. First recipe i thought of with this.
4. Again, might as well use a pan to make chicken tacos.

Michael Angelo says:

Get your instant pot here

Mary says:

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The Impressive Mix says:

A lot of these recipes LOOK cool, but they’re not all that fast/practical… 😭
I just made a video on my channel about making chicken breasts in the pressure cooker, shredding them with forks, and making the most amazing homemade burritos ever! Go check it out! 😜😍

Nickaldo C. Harvey says:

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wendyjensenmusic says:

Disappointing. I was hoping this would be a video on how to use the pot and what is does. With you know, actual people.

Empire Music Group says:

Excellent job, congratulations seems to be very good✌👍🌹

robino41510707 says:

They need timestamps and to slow it down a bit.

charlotte says:

How did you shred the chicken? Use hand or some tools?

Dangeruss Curvs says:

Love that Amerie, One Thing in there… slowed down…2:30

Sasha Kazmar says:

All this could have been easily done in a skillet…

Madhu Solanki says:

Where can u buy instant pot
I live in UK

Margo Parker says:

This did not seem instant

tdreamgmail says:

This is not easy

Mark Brain says:

Want to make more recipes? This Foodi Multicooker Cookbook features all sorts of 515 recipes and directions to prepare them. Collect your copy now.

Knottya Acoly says:

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mts0628 says:

The shredded chicken tacos were good but I had to cook the chicken 10 minutes longer after the recommended time. Then, the chicken was very soupy so I turned my IP to saute for about ten minutes and cooked some of the water off. The chicken was great after that.

Hazel Hill says:

If using the pressure cooking feature add water…

2nd video only shows half of the prep?

cha kra says:

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