5 Things To Do At….Christmas | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve gone back through the Food Tube archives to bring you our favourite Christmas recipes you may have missed first time round. To get all of Jamie’s favourite and fabulous Christmas recipes be sure to ask Santa for the new Christmas Cookbook https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jamie-Olivers-Christmas-Cookbook-Oliver/dp/0718183657

If there’s an ingredient or theme you’d like to see featured in the Throw Back Thursday series comment below!

Links from the video:

One Tray Christmas | http://jamieol.com/onetrayxmas
Fail Safe Gravy | http://jamieol.com/JamieGravyFT
Pigs in Blankets | http://jamieol.com/PigsInBlanketsFT
Gingerbread Martini | http://jamieol.com/GingerbreadMartini
Mini Chocolate Logs | http://jamieol.com/MiniChocolateLogs

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world citizen G says:

2.54 I CANNOT get used to see a turkey being roasted without tie it to the center, the 2 drumsticks spreading out is too funny on a table! 🙂 give the bird some dignity lol

Andreea Ilie says:

Gennaro dancing😂😂😂😂

rustypudding says:

Did anybody notice the guy in the background

Modern Riot says:

Oh goodness I am so happy I found this video.. I can’t describe the joy I got from gennaro dancing in the background!😂

Susie English says:

Lonely single people – god thats insulting

Np S says:

Katie is a excellent chef easily runs Circles around everyone including the celebrity chef himself.

Afa and Tash says:

2:40 the random guy dancing in the window 😂😂😂💀🔫😂😂

Holidays & Celebrations says:

I love all the Christmas cooking tips!

DoctorMeatDic says:

Far too many ingredients. There must be 20 or more in that gravy, it is too much. Ramsay is a much better chef than Oliver.

Ale Fuentes says:

Just missing Dj BQQ 🎄

andrew price says:

Fair enough.. but "lonely single people" (0:21) is a bit of an insult to some… for some older folks that is their only option .. So failed a bit there on the Comedy Jamie!! I absolutely adore Christmas on my own… Nigella's Turkey Brine is a Religion and CANNOT be compromised …. but I guess could probably whack everything else in a foil tray…

TopicRuben says:

That was awesome

Cry Fox says:

99% Of the comments: Dude dancing in the background!
1% Of the comments: Talking about the comments.

Haifa LDC says:

Who's that dancing in the back ? 😂

benediction cucumber says:

The dude in the background?😂

victor noagbodji says:

these are amazing

Shangar Thiyagarajah says:

2:46 and before and onwards is so funny look behind jamie and you will be able to see a man dancing i think he is gennaro


Missed this at Christmas but this will set me up new years eve for the evening festivities.

kamilia ben yahya says:

wow chef GENARO CONTALDO you're amazing in the back , and of course chef JEMIE OLIVER, love you both

roger robie says:

Gennaro dancing in the background, lmaffo!

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