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Another recipe from your wishlist – and one of my favourite winter vegetables. I love it because it is crisp – not limply like other vegetables. And I like the fact that every cabbage comes in different colours – from dark green on the outer leaves to light yellow on the inside. That makes it really good looking on the table.
You can eat it with any meat, with some fish, if you like – or even solo.

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Here are the ingredients for this recipe:

1 head of savoy cabbage
200 g / 7 oz cream
30 g / 1 oz of cold butter
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
Clean the savoy cabbage, remove the leaf ribs in salted water and blanch just a few minutes. Leaves should become a bit softer, but still al dente.
Drain and scald with cold water
Express the remaining water with your hands
Cut into lozenges. Heat with the cream in a pan. Spice up.
Possibly. Garnish with walnut kernels

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saniul haque says:

I love the way mother cooks cabbage (indian style) …but I should ask her for cooking it in this way …

Greg at SideChef says:

Such a simple tip about cutting the white step out of big leaves, but it made a world of difference for me. Thank you!

wildflower20102 says:

Going to make this tonight

Living With Wolves says:

Absolutely brilliant!

Toni Palmisano says:

The humble cabbage is elevated to a whole new level! I love it! Thanks!

Chris C. says:

And maybe a series on breakfast?

519 Forestmonk says:

I made this and it was delicious. But with the butter I made a Roux And it’s really clung to the cabbage leaves well. Delicious

Chris C. says:

Wunderball!!! Keep the videos coming and Guten Tag from Texas!!!

Andrew Bennett says:

Really well done. Savoy cabbage is in over abundance where I live in America…I love it; and this is a nice variant to how us Yankees would normally prepare it.

Water says:

Great stuff mate , make sure you guys watch euro vision this and go Australia. Love your channel to .

Matt Finch says:

Butter,cream and cabbage. 3 of my favourite things!

Mrs. Johnny Rico says:

What butter is totally healthy! If its grass fed it's full of vitamin K2.

Anders Andersson says:

Lecker as always Klas! You bavarians cook your savoy cabbage (Savoykål in swedish) almost the same way as we do up here! We don´t add nuts, but otherwise It´s pretty much the same! An awesome sidedish to any salty meat, be it pork, cow or herring!!
Tack för ännu ett trevligt recept! 🙂

Elain Jones says:

What if you don't have the cabbages you use your looks yummy thanks for recipe

Naruto Uzumaki says:

looks really good as always.

Rock Snot says:

There is a dish called Braten er Braten that I can't find online. It's a little like Sauerbraten. Can you make it?

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