Mary Berry's Chicken Malay Rice

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Lately, I’ve begun watching more cooking shows and videos. It’s both fun and frustrating see the final outcome of my endeavors. I learned of Mary Berry watching The Great British Bake Off on PBS, she is a gem. So when I came across her latest BBC2 special (Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites), I wanted to share it. Enjoy and happy cooking!

Featured in Episode 06, The Home, where Mary cooks dishes inspired by her home and family.


Brightstar Lavandula says:

Chicken Malay Rice = Nasi Ayam Melayu

Wendy S. King says:

You fuss over milk or water? Good heavens! Who cares?! Love that man! He is still with you!

behywelzebub says:

Just cooked this and it is shite

Januzai Ramli says:

It's a Malaysian dish, not Malay

marquesn77 says:

This was so sweet! I love how humble she is- just so down to earth

Sonia Medrano says:

Beautiful couple ❤️💕

Sally says:


Sam Mendez says:

Huge respect for this lovely elderly woman! Marriage pictures,totally nostalgic..

e7843 says:

Fried rice with fried egg will never go wrong in Malaysia. 👍

Michelle Miller says:

Lovely couple and yummy food,

marlene katz says:

No recipe. Too bad…

Timmy Tim says:

In malaysia we called this "nasi goreng campak-campak"

Stephanie Marie says:

funny moment

Stephanie Marie says:

Very good for kids! Nice!

anana anana says:

A very pleasand couple.

Elise Cooper says:

Now it's become my great 👍 family favorites.

Doris Ekonomakos says:

Your as beautiful then and now. I will try your rice recipe

Diana Kowcheck says:

I really enjoy watching Mary Berry bake or cook. Your voice is calm and full of the knowledge of baking and cooking.

Vickey Mercieca says:

she is so beautiful love her

Elizabeth Bower says:

I make this dish anything prawns instead of chicken… I learnt how to cook it in Singapore many years ago

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