Midnight One Pan Breakfast | Jamie Oliver

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Everybody loves a good old fashioned fry up and after a night out on the town it’s the perfect wake up call. Smoky bacon, quality sausages, sweet tomatoes and farm fresh eggs all cooked in one pan and served with buttered bread and lashings of ketchup. Great to share and easy on the washing up too!

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alan murphy says:

Hope he gets back on his feet 🙏

Sagnik Das says:

every dad must teach his kids some good hangover recipes. good job!

Sm Sm says:

On egg with few of vegetable is enough for me

only meenU says:

U r my favorite chef😋🤣😍

FireWalkWithMe25 says:

2 hours later Jamie and Buddy were admitted to hospital with a dose of apocalyptic diarrhea. Eating off a dirty wooden board and cutting bread on an outside stone table covered in bird shite might have something to do with it.

Plastic Bucket says:

The kid is to near the cooker . B

Weree Were says:

One drunk pan my man lol

m kozar says:

A teflon pan mate?!? I think you would know better than that Jamie.

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

coated pot and pans are can cause cancer because of the plastic coating. THINK. There are 160.000 people dying in the UK alone because of cancer – EACH year!!!

TokyoBlue says:

Aww Buddy is so adorable!

Michele Erickson says:

Jamie is soo amazing! i haved loved him since his NAKED CHEF days!!

ごん。ごん。 says:


Louane Kelly says:

does not look good. I have been watching a few Jamie's video, but I do not understand the so positive comments for low quality cuisine, and unhealthy food. there are so many blogs that offer better quality recipes and much more healthy.

Linda Thorn says:

Original was better bro lol. Oh those days. Luv ya champ!

Bobby Neacsu says:

That would be just a snack for me

Mod 66 says:

Jamie is a nice man who can also cook some decent bait

Ewa Zizemska says:

Dear Jamie thanks for video. You kids are so beautiful.

Seauin Ireland says:

Houses of Parliament / HP sauce is the finishing touch , Vancouver, Canada.

but ton says:

I like Jamie because he is so down to earth, unlike Ramsay who always comes across as fake

2listening1 says:

2:14 The extra egg is for me, I assume? 😉

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