Can I Make Jamie Oliver's ULTIMATE MAC AND CHEESE Vegan?! (This is a must watch)

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Did I make the ULTIMATE MAC AND CHEESE vegan? In today’s video I attempt to make Jamie Oliver’s mac and cheese recipe vegan. This 3 cheese recipe includes some pretty weird ingredients, but it might blow you away. Prepare your taste buds!

🌱Vegan Mac & Cheese:

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Edgy Veg says:

So what do we think of the new hair?! Been excited to debut it on the channel 🙂 Also recipe is linked in bio for the blog as always!

Charlie says:

Jamie: add a litre of soya milk


Faye Hammond says:

The way Americans/Canadians say Worcestershire lol they are strugglin

Christina Manolopoulos says:

You should do a video where you remake a few foods with the changes you suggested and see how it goes!

Paul Charles says:

Making this today using cornflower as the thickener!!

Emmanuel says:

I remember your Mac and Cheese video!!!!!!! My favourite 🙂

Annabella De Las Casas says:

Woah! Just found your channel and i love it! This looks ahhhmazing, will try

Janet Robison says:

It looks amazing. Unfortunately if I ate like that I would be so fat. I have to stick to low fat sos free type stuff. Would be good to take to a pot luck though.

Pearly says:

Looks super delicious! I’d add nutritional yeast to the sauce…and for the sauté/topping I’d totally use soyrizo!! Can’t wait to make this. 😋

The Vegan Flower Child says:

This recepie is Bom

Brad Hansen says:

I tried the Beyond Meat sausage once, it was way too greasy. I got a chuckle that you found a use for that grease.

yandrsupreme says:

Looks like it needs Black pepper

KrunkTina says:

Literally made and it’s
Soy plain 🙁 I don’t know
What went
Wrong 🙁


Why refer to dairy as "normal"?

cc05jc says:

Whhhhherre did you buy that big pack of beyond neat sausage? I’m in London I’ve never seen it!

KrunkTina says:

Ugh so glad I found your channel your
A life saver ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tami M. says:

I made a modified version of this recipe from your blog and it was a hit! Everyone loved it! It seemed to good to be true but it was really good. Thanks!

VeggieVannah says:

Here’s a fun one to veganize that I’ve always wanted to try, the volcano dish from Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off! 😁

Kendo says:

I wish I could've taste this through the screen😭😭

Amybeth Hurst says:

How did you slice your two onions? They look incredible. Food processor? Mandolin? I get extremely "teary" when working with onions. Just curious. Thanks, and I love this channel!

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