Chicken Lollipop Dippers | Jamie Oliver | Superfood Family Classics

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Succulent chicken lollipops served with mint & pea couscous, charred asparagus and a homemade sun dried tomato sauce. Not only is this recipe fun but it’s healthy too – high in fibre and containing two of your five a day. This recipe is from Jamie’s Superfood Family Classics. Click the link to get a copy today

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Tristan Witherspoon says:

Doin too much with this dish. I don’t need sticks in my way

Inspector Spectacles says:

Is having your own ad over your own video against the law

معرفه معرفه says:

very good way to cook😍 delicious 😍

Jake Simmonds says:

That’s not a chicken lollipop

netweed09 says:

Nice,, but no butter?? =/

Gotto add a chunk to that Chicken and even the steamed couscous

hongan le says:

“ i forgot my nuts” lol😂😂😜😜😜

Kiwi Skateboarding says:

Did he really sprinkle his nuts in his dish!?

Andrew Granville says:

What could i use instead if asparagu please ?

Mama Bee says:

Does anyone knwo what those plates are?

Deborah says:

i'm vegan but i don't comment if i have nothing nice to say. i enjoy jamie's vegan recepies. i love to see him cooking whatever. i love his attitude. end of the story.

Kiyari Takarin says:

Everytime i watch Jamie vidéos/Tv Shows i get hungry everytime
Man that's great

Jack Russel family says:

j'adore ce que vous faite et je vous suie à travers notre chaîne italienne gambero rosso

Pablo Escobar says:

looks like this dude has a lot of kitchens

Sabyasachi Dey says:

excellent as always…quick question what is an alternative for couscous…I don't think I'd get them in India.

L Kokosil says:

Is that flower 3:04 important cos I don't think that I will find it 🙂

Sarah Jane says:

Jamie, I'd love to see a video of proper school lunches to send to school with kids. As you know, our cafeteria food here in the states leave much to be desired. Any ideas would be great. Going to try to send these chicken lolli's in a thermos! Thanks a bunch!

MurasamexD says:


Lolo 7 says:


Rounak Roy :::NGS::: says:

Deez nuts xD btw this was a great quick recipe 😉

Shantel says:

what would you recommend from youe restaurant for someone with a sensitive stomach like me

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