America's Test Kitchen Season 18 Trailer

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The 18th season of America’s Test Kitchen debuts on and TV stations in early 2018! Find your local listings and air times:

Web members can watch episodes on on the dates below (the videos are available two weeks later for free viewing by nonmembers):

1/6/18: Grown Up Comfort Classics
1/13/18: Flavors of Thailand
1/20/18: How to Roast Everything
1/27/18: All Chocolate, All the Time
2/3/18: Ultimate Italian
2/10/18: Modern Weeknight Meals
2/17/18: Vegan for Everyone
2/24/18: Just Add Apples
3/3/18: Soup for Dinner
3/10/18: Pressure Cooker Perfection
3/17/18: Diner-Style Favorites with a Twist
3/24/18: Italian Seafood Suppers
3/31/18: Mexican Dinner Party
4/7/18: Mediterranean Sweets
4/14/18: Weeknight Japanese Suppers
4/21/18: Brunch at Home
4/28/18: Simple Chinese Staples
5/5/18: Vibrant Mediterranean Cooking
5/12/18: Grilled Steak and Fruit Tart
5/19/18: Spicing Up the Grill
5/26/18: Pork Chops and Corn Fritters, Perfected
6/2/18: Chinese Classics
6/9/18: Summer Cookout
6/16/18: To Meat or Not to Meat (Sauce)
6/23/18: Elegant Desserts
6/30/18: Pub-Style Favorites, Revisited

America’s Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television—more than 2 million viewers tune in each week. Starting January 2018, Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison will begin their second year as hosts of America’s Test Kitchen for its 18th season! Bridget and Julia will be joined by chief creative officer and tasting expert, Jack Bishop, science expert Dan Souza, equipment expert Adam Ried, gadget expert Lisa McManus, and test cooks Becky Hays, Erin McMurrer, Keith Dresser, Elle Simone, and Tim Chin.

Bridget and Julia lead our team of test cooks as they deconstruct recipes and reveal the test kitchen’s secrets to foolproof cooking at home. This season, we bake irresistible Mediterranean sweets, harness the power of pressure cooking to make Farmhouse Chicken Noodle Soup and Pot Roast, and share the secrets behind Simple Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese, Everyday Pad Thai, and Vegan Pinto Bean-Beet Burgers. We show you how to master the art of roasting and weeknight Japanese suppers at home, and we take the intimidation out of making the ultimate Gateau Breton.

Jack Bishop continues to head up the tasting lab at America’s Test Kitchen and challenges hosts Bridget and Julia to taste-test supermarket staples. Based on tastings completed in the test kitchen, Jack reveals our top recommendations for premium extra-virgin olive oil, cinnamon, feta, and more.

Adam Ried, the test kitchen’s equipment expert, takes hosts Bridget and Julia through his top equipment recommendations for the home cook. From blenders to silicone spatulas and manual pasta machines to espresso machines, Adam provides unbiased results from America’s Test Kitchen’s exhaustive testing.

America’s Test Kitchen tests hundreds of gadgets each year to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Gadget guru Lisa McManus reviews her favorite gadgets and reveals which ones are worth the cost. Gadgets include electric kettles, grill tongs, fat separators, and many more.

Dan Souza demystifies radiant heat, explains the science of salting, demonstrates the proper way to use a whisk, and probes other mysteries of food.

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Pam Timmins says:

I love this show with Julia and Bridget and the different recipes, all look so delicious

Ralph Hooker says:

I'm looking forward to the new season! And Bridget? You look fantastic! I also love your sense of humor and expertise.

H. Collier says:

Gag. Looks like we're all-in for the hokey infomercial style of tv that is so prevalent these days.

Josaphat Lee says:

Opted for the fake hair, fake smiles, and fake 'bad sitcom' line delivery, again, I see. Missing Chris.

Dan O'Neill says:

please talk about GMOs Fake Honey

Rosie says:

This show is a dud without the clueless nerdy guy

dvdfrnzwbr says:

Without Kimball they can recycle the show title , "Two Fat Ladies" for this show

Larry Waldman says:

My wife and I love this show, but we really didn't enjoy last season. Part of it is that we miss Chris….while nothing against Julia and Bridget, it just feels like they're trying too hard. Just because Chris had a sarcasm that worked doesn't mean they have to – and trying to do that while essentially reading a script is really awkward. It's a real turn off for us. I'm not sure if we'll buy the new season on Amazon instant video or not. The content, the cooking, and the skill level of all involved are without question. I just wish the new seasons felt as natural as the old ones.

mccnga says:

I really do love the show AND the recipes too! But please for the love of all things tasty and delicious, ENOUGH with the "popped" collar look on Julia. She is such a beautiful woman I just hate seeing every appearance of her on the show with that look.

Moon Tygress says:

Hope you guys tackle best Pressure Cookers or just some good recipes for Pressure Cookers 😛

Michael Patterson says:

I can't wait to see the new season! BUT whoever cut the music in the promo went waaaaaaaaaay too aggressive! Why are there something like 25 cuts in a 70 second promo. For crying out loud please get someone with a musical touch to do your music editing

CGholl says:

YAYYY very much looking forward to seeing a new season!!

mddwwie says:

Thank god Bridget’s hair is back to normal. It was getting to pageant lady proportions last season.

lightdark00 says:

We need more healthy plant based recipes.

Jeff, the God of Biscuits says:

This looks to be the best season yet. The food looks great. Everyone's having so much fun. And Bridget looks amazing with that new makeup job. SO READY!

Phoenix85006 says:

Dan Souza looks delicious 😋

avalon449 says:

Certainly not the same without Chris.

Jazzy Blues says:

YAAAAAASSSSSS! My two favorite ladies are back! Can't wait for the new episodes!

berighteous says:

So it's a Dynamic Duo show now?

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