Chicago’s Best Western Suburbs: Connie’s Family Restaurant

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Marley heads to a Berwyn family favorite that’s been servin’ sandwiches for over 75 years!


Mac Park says:

I like how they work in the kitchen like they don't care who order their food as long as what they cooked is edible.

MrMikeReal says:

You lost me with the American cheese.

Hawaii 5-0 says:

Any Malibu chicken sandwich I ever had was chicken breast ,ham, Swiss and mayonnaise on the side idk what that sandwich was.

LossVegas says:

Glad to see Connie's is still there. The old style family restaurants/coffee shops are dying out too quickly.

Carmen R says:

This is such a great show, it has everything and I don't have to cook, just watch.

SuperDan says:

The Owner seems like such a passionate uplifting guy that really cares about what he does

Cleveland House says:

Great restaurant food great service terrific great atmosphere

Dave McBroom says:

If ya gotta yell "PICK UP!" then what's the bell for?

Aaliyah C says:

They are the best!!

Mannyr 2424 says:

This place is meh

Michael Cervantes says:

Marley always does an episode like she hasn't ate in weeks

ashley ronsen says:

Go to Harlos in Melrose Park

ashley ronsen says:

Hell ya Connie’s is amazing

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