Easy Vegetable Curry | Tim Shieff

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A colourful vegan curry, rich, wholesome and full of tasty goodness, this is the prefect New Year dish. Free-runner extraordinaire Tim Shieff shares his favourite curry recipe based on traditional Indian spices, whole roasted butternut squash, chickpeas and spinach served on a bed of tumeric infused rice. If you’ve never tried a vegan curry before this is the one to make.

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Find the recipe here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/member-recipes/recipe-detail/4688/

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V – This is a Vegan recipe
GF – This is a Gluten-Free recipe
DF – This is a Dairy-Free recipe

For more nutritional information go to www.jamieoliver.com/nutrition


Judy Frankel says:

I can do this minus the parkour, but with homegrown butternut, cilantro, tomatoes (in the winter!) and spinach… And I soak the garbanzos (less salt that way), all organic mind you. Thanks for this vegan recipe! ; )

bumblejumper82 says:

Made this yesterday. 100% tasty confirmed. Squash took a bit longer though. Thanks! πŸ˜€

ghostbusters says:

Have it with a cumin & mint curd… 😊

Joel says:

WHAT?! He just burns all the spices! Beginner. Why is he in Jamie Olivers Club?

Aidah M says:

Add a small bit of sugar to butternut squash really brings out the natural sweetness trick I learnt from my mother also for meat eaters try butternut squash with chicken as a curry delicious!

Jarryde Paterson says:

Why so much vignetting?!

TheCloudedMountain 09 says:

"Oh cool, an easy vegetable curry video, just what I was looking f- OH GOD NOT THIS FLUTE AGAIN"

BeansNgreens says:

Delicious easy recipe, even though Tim has gone mad.

Steven Zepeda says:

0:03 hahaha i know the mic just made a weird crackling, but it sounds like he broke his ankle and he's just trying the ignore it.

Martin says:

Watching this again, as I'm making it now after not making it for a year, and want to get the measurements right. These recipes were a real help and exciting when I first transitioned to veganism. Such a shame that Tim is no longer vegan.

mrchoochoohead says:

been cooking this for 2 years. never gotten bored of eating this curry

John Update says:

It tastes delicious! I would recomment to peel the butternut before cooking – the Skin came out a bit too chewy for my tastes.

chaliceb5 Reacher says:

I've cooked this dish several times now and everytime it is a real treat again. So yummy. Thanx for sharing, Tim.

Zeyna Nd says:

I tried this recipe and I loved it. Im not vegan but I eat vegan most days, and im terrible at cooking meat and i dobt like dairy which is why im vegab most days lol

josh raven says:

Before he started drinking his own piss and starving himself…

Living Lifeform says:

The good times

David Saul says:

Not a vegetarian but so enjoy vegetarian and vegan food. Will be giving this a go for the me and the wife. Needs more chilli for me though!

Harry Potter says:

You look so unsympatic πŸ˜‚

Wonder Woman says:

Recipe isn’t on the website. Tried searching it too but not there

Debbie Frye says:

πŸ‘WOW. Looks incredible

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