Easy Vegetable Soup – Three Ways | Anna Jones

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If you haven’t got a failsafe soup recipe in your arsenal than look no further than this tasty offering from Vegetarian cook Anna Jones. From one batch of sweet potato and squash soup she creates three different serving suggestions that will see you through the week. Blend and drizzle with chilli and thyme oil for a more refined dish or spoon over brown rice with a cool dollop of yogurt for something more filling. Or simply leave the soup chunky and mix through with cannellini beans for a heartier alternative. Delicious, versatile and healthy. A must have recipe for anyone wanting to eat well and save time in the kitchen.

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Alexandru Macedon says:

Ate soup in the Uk several times, and i always thought they switched places and brought the second course first :))))

Roddy Carruthers says:

These are going to be my lunches for work. Great time saver and they look so tasty !

Lisa Houben says:

Thank you

Maine man says:

don't add fennel if you don't like a licorice taste, leave it out

Nick Tl says:

This was amazing. So straightforward, simple and linear. Love her!

Debbie Smith says:

So delicious. Thank you for this video!

world citizen G says:

I always pick up every piece of tiny potatoes in my clam chowder soup to discard it to save a few calories 🙂
I also like Tom Yam soup with lots of veggie in it, the lemon grass perfumed the soup

Chris J Mocke says:

fantastic thanx Anna!!

b pavilion says:

I've tried it, and I'm not liking the fennel seed and/or cumin taste…

Fintan Donnelly says:

Actually not very nice..id use celery instead of either squash or sweet potato..soup is sickly sweet so maybe celery to add sum bitterness..fennel is also very overpowering. It looks great but won't make again

Michaela Eyley says:

"Off the stork?" What has the stork got to do with it? I thought he brought babies 🙂

world citizen G says:

I would try making these soups but I don't have any thyme 🙂

J Carr says:

this chick is hot, im a fan now

z says:

I like breast milk soup 🍲

Alexandru Macedon says:

Ain't no way in hell that's a soup. That's a main course. It doesn't have enough liquid, it's not runny, you put any piece of meat next to those beans and it's a main course in it's own right. Soup ? LOLLLLLLLL

Greg Fitzgerald says:

"a little drizzle of olive oil"
somewhere, Gennaro is crying.

Tyran Vz says:

"Soup 2" for the win

Anandh b k A says:

That looks more like a curry that goes well with rice and breads than a soup☺️

woowoolip says:

her voice is calming . but why yogurt on rice

Harry Hathaway says:

Bathe her and bring her to me !

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