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The sauce won’t stop! Here’s another delish sauce recipe, the humble favourite, the Bolognese sauce! This one has a special place in our hearts because believe it or not there was a time when Italian food was not readily available in Ireland. Bolognese was the first sauce we tried and it was love at first bite. This one is always a crowd pleaser and so handy to know how to make from scratch, you can add your own spin on it and you might make yourself a family recipe that gets passed down! Hope you enjoy!

Full written recipe here: https://thehappypear.ie/recipes/easy-bolognese-sauce/

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Jeon Burrito says:

looks amazing, i am going to try it soon

Green Piece says:

"Ordinary people can't afford to be vegan". OK, boomer…

Icilda Willis says:

Thank you guys for sharing these delicious and healthy recipes,will definitely make it.👍🙏🏻❤️

Humane hancock is full of shit Begging video says:

First it's not EPIC…second most fucking tomatoe sauces are vegan…..thanks

Sneh Khemka-Choudhary says:

I love when white boys cook Indian. ESP When they have these delish accents. I came for the vegan recipes but now I just like to watch these two and their shenanigans

Liam Reynolds says:

Hope to meet you two one day – just to shake hands and say you're both lovely lads and pretty good cooks 😉

Sonja Darai says:

This looks good. I'd add the garlic in after the onions are almost ready for the carrots, then let the garlic brown a moment then add carrots.

Gary A says:

Wonderful, Gents! So, as a vegan who has descended from a long line of proud Bolognese, I would make only one humble, tiny modification: I add either finely diced seitan or tvp to emulate the mandatory “meat part” of the sauce. Cheers and big thumbs up!👍

Alessandro Fornari says:

Scusate ragazzi ma questo piatto di pasta fa proprio schifo

Always learning says:

Can we please get a written recipe? I always love watching you guys but feel this is your only downfall. Sometimes other viewers write it out for you but it would be great if you could provide this for us yourselves rather than just letting someone else do it. Otherwise great! 🙂

Geannine Smith says:

Hi guys, what oil do you use? Love all your recipes by the way x

Quinn Woodsworth says:

They don’t sell canned cherry tomatoes in Canada any substitute?

JoseTheVegan says:

@The Happy Pear… You are rocking it! As usual, well done. I'm hungry now!

JoseTheVegan on YouTube

Mirna Ukraincik says:

I love how you explain everything <3 <3 <3 Love your channel!!!

monkeymintaka says:

Forget the kids, I blend my sauces so my boyfriend doesn't know what vegetables he's eating 🤣

Lesley Pearson says:

One of you said it will keep a week in the fridge and then the other said 3 days. Make your minds up! 😉

T P says:

You guys! Another brilliant recipe.
I've made three of your recipes this week, for D's Veganuary – Japanese Protein Bowl (converted all the family to tofu and convinced the offspring that mushrooms are marvellous ), Peanut Satay Sauce ( S was raving about this one and demanded a repeat, soon), and Creamy Pepper Pasta Sauce (so quick, so tasty). Really glad to have found your channel.

Tanja Bergmann says:

Looks delicious. I like to sear the tomatopuree in the pan before adding the "liquid" or tined tomatoes. Gives the sauce an even richer and slightly smoked flavor.

Apocalyps says:

wait No … no nutritional yeast … none … none mentioned even once?! where has my life derailed

blackcat 303 says:

is it weird that I just use marinara sauce & add nooch & parsley? Was never into “bolognese” though I’m not British

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