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At Tokyo Record Bar, music is first and foremost. In fact, the restaurant doesn’t even have a dinner menu; instead the server, who also functions as the DJ for the night, hands over a music index for guests to select tunes as they sip on sake and munch on caviar sushi. This isn’t your average seven-course izakaya tasting: this is dinner-theater at its finest. This is Ariel Arce’s tribute to the tiny record bars found all across Tokyo.

Chas Truslow

Associate Producer
Phoebe Melnick

Phoebe Melnick, Tyler Tronson

Morgan Dopp

Assistant Editor
Colin Webb

Fredy Delgado

Line Producer
Jonathan Rinkerman

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Senior Producer
Marco Shalma

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Head of Video
Justin Lundstrom

Production Assistant
Nakia Scott

Lipstique by Trevor Bastow

Higher Rise by George Keane

Ur Skin by Vincent Henquinet

Don’t Stop Running_Underscore by Alan Oakes Jr, Christopher Fudurich

Pop Model_No Choir by David Ohana

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Thrillist says:

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MrBen91091 says:

A tonkatsu with beef ain‘t tonkatsu, other than that the food looks pretty dope.

Thrillist says:

Check out the first episode of our newest series, Really Dough?:

mythirdchannel says:

watching this while eating lunch … feeling the jealousy XD

james whitwell says:

Its a take on great food and good Music….. Why dose it have to be called HIPSTER.. Every new Vid on Youtube with Young people doing a new Spins on something is called HIPSTER.

Hana Seligman says:

Why is it called Tokyo?

Keasbeysknight says:

I don't think I'm cool enough to go there… Sad that they know people won't be satisfied with their food and will need to eat more elsewhere so they add pizza. That's why I pregame fancy dinners with a pb&j…

UndagroundSound Productions says:

Disliked for discrimination of Meatloaf…and the fact that you serve cake with veggies?!?

Ameer says:

Lol hipsters.

Tosh T says:

"Everything else could suck and we still have beautiful music." Um, OK. 😂 Great looking food. Cool episode. 👍

miles roman says:

superfly !
love your content 👍

Peanut Turner says:

And the award for most hipster video title ever goes to………………

(la la land)

David Cameo says:

it's like they get us: New Yorkers

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