Perfect Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver

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This super creamy and delicious fish pie will be a sure fire winner with all the family. Sauted veg and bacon in a silky white sauce with chunks of salmon and fresh, juicy prawns make this a pie to die for. Topped with a mound of potato and sweet potato this is a dinner that’s healthy, tasty and guaranteed to see you through til breakfast.

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L Morgan says:

The pie looks delicious! Terrific episode! More shows like this, please!

leti Sherlin says:

Good+smart pie,completed healthy&amazing taste.

chromahx says:

Spinach??!! Sort ya life out

Lychie Chen says:

This is just too delicious ! My kids and I enjoyed a lot this pie

Yt Deartiger says:

salam alaykoum poto

Cristóbal Rodríguez says:

that looks disgusting…

Jill Rogoff says:

Trying it tonight (with an adjustment or two) for my grandchildren.

jennifer curtis says:

What a load of sh..! How did this guy get to where he is? Would not serve to dogs!

James Mcmurrough says:

Classy marra rocking the Primarni jumper

Taar Jo says:

In which book can i find this recipe??? I think i might have seen in one of the books i have…but cant find it.

Masterfelixxx says:


みゆ says:

I love Mr.Jamie Oliver.

Patricia montocchio says:

Very nice thanks so much for all your vidéos

馮佳玲 says:


MAJIDA ojbd says:

Inspiring as usual. Thank u for the wonderful recipe😁

Levi Skardsen says:

Looks really good, but IMO, every fish pie should have some smoked cod or haddock in it.

Abishek Paras says:

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I'm hungry

The Headless Chef says:

Lovely.Thank you for sharing. I've made delicious fish pie let me know what you think and subscribe to my channel 😀

steemdup says:

I like the pan on the heat method.  I haven't peeled a tater in years – yay!  Jamie, you ruined it with those peas, mate. lol

Nazariah Gatal says:

That looks disgusting. The prawns
should be stir fried first. He is arrogant and naive.

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