What I Ate Today – VEGAN Chocolate Oats, 5 Minute Lunch, and Raw Dinner

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What I ate today as a vegan with an easy chocolate oatmeal recipe for breakfast, a fast vegan lunch idea, and the best raw vegan food at the Spontanea dinner! All vegan, healthy, and easy to replicate at home 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy!

Vegan Chocolate Oatmeal Recipe:

2 cups water
1 cup oats
2 tsp cinnamon
1-2 tbsp cacao powder
1 large ripe banana (the riper, the sweeter)
1 handful of raisins
more cinnamon and banana slices for on top

Don’t forget to add a little almond milk to cool it down! It turns into chocolate milk 🙂

WATCH: How to Dr. Store-Bought Soup https://youtu.be/wplfg62zipY

My friends in this video:

Dani Lauren: Dani Lauren on Youtube and @lovedanilauren on insta

Hannah Hagler: Hannah Hagler on YT, @hannahhagler on insta

Chef Evan: @happyvegann
Check out her ebook! SO amazing!

Hannah McNeely: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnajip8HMfIDmZrew82QlSw/videos

Spontanea Dinner info: http://spontaneadinner.com

Dreams by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Let’s Go Surfing by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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HonestInquiry says:

Hi Nikki I found you looking for a raw vegan cereal recipe… thanks so much for sharing! I loved seeing how you make your oats, you're funny with your chocolate milk, I am a chocoholic as well, I'm pretty sure my body is just craving all the magnesium in the cacao powder 🙂 Those tacos look awesome, do you have the recipe for those? I've had them with mushrooms in a vegan "chicken" lettuce taco that was amazing, the consistency was even better than perfectly cooked chicken, it would have fooled any carnivore if they didn't know b/c it was just bursting with flavor. That raw vegan dinner party looked so cool! Definitely checking out your friend chef Evan Oliver! I wanted to share something I experienced on my health journey with you since I heard you say you don't eat raw often…

So, my whole life I've had congestion in my sinus area and was never able to figure out what was causing it, M.D.s didn't know, until I went raw vegan for 30 days. It was so weird being able to smell things again, all symptoms of inflammation/congestion had totally disappeared. I learned from a raw vegan book I was reading that heating food above ~114 F destroys enzymes, vitamins, and essentially lowers nutrient content while creating carcinogens such as: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylamide (not when boiling though) and the body has a reaction as if it's fighting off foreign invaders b/c the act of cooking made a % of it unrecognizable as food to the body. The whole thing seems hidden in plain sight to me so just thought I'd share. I still occasionally cook over 120 F like oven-roasted veggies, but I try to avoid it when possible and leave the cooking for vegan staples like rice and beans that I'm not going to eat raw, since those are cooked in water they won't get charred & create Acrylamide. I love using an instant pot or pressure cooker for these and vegetables, especially like that coconut curry soup, it only takes ~10 min with pressure!

I've had raw overnight soaked oat groats but lately I've been loving it cooked just because it's cold… let me share my pro tips for my perfect oats: get organic Bob's Red Mill Golden Spurtle Quick-Cooking Steel-Cut Oats… I've tried a lot of different brands, rolled, steel-cut, full groats, and this one is a clear winner in quality, they are so plump and savory sometimes I enjoy it with a heaping 1/4 tsp sea salt and that's it, and they only take 7 minutes…. Lately this is how I make them, I usually go a little above the 2:1 water to oats ratio and use 2 c distilled water with 3/4 c oats so they are a little creamier, I add in 2 chopped ripe bananas when the oats have absorbed all liquid and stir them w/ low heat until the edges melt into the oats and they are semi-cooked on outside but still fresh inside… I use a sprinkle of normal (Cassia) cinnamon just for the darker flavor, but only a sprinkle b/c of the much higher levels of Coumarin in Cassia (the "standard") cinnamon, found to be toxic and possibly negating benefits of cinnamon, and the rest I use Ceylon which has safe levels and additional health benefits… I love adding a dark sweetener like coconut sugar or nectar, maple syrup, or a chopped date, and a touch of raw honey or coconut oil to make it even more luscious… walnuts definitely if I have 'em… I've been doing the cacao powder in my smoothies (which I will have to share the recipe for sometime) but now I definitely have to see how it is in my oats…

Glad I found your channel! Looking forward to exploring it

Peryer Media says:

Ceylon isn't a form of cinnamon-it's the only type of cinnamon. Cassia is fake cinnamon, or at least it is known as fake cinnamon in most places and doesn't have as many benefits.

Nice Guevara says:

in what aisle would you find superfoods (such as the cacao powder used in this video)?

Piece Of Cake Life says:

What a fun video!
I had such a bad day and came here knowing it would lift me up!
Loving this community!

Trixie Rose says:

I noticed in your older oat recipes you used to use only a half cup, I too feel 1/2 cup just isn't filling enough. Do you find when you have a bigger breakfast like this that you only need a light lunch? Btw: I'm so making this breakfast recipe!

Lily Butson says:

loooooove raisin in pretty much anything especially muesli and oats!

Falguni Patel says:

I tried your oat recipe today and it was really good. Can you suggest some quick dinner recipes?

heartshapedsoul says:

I'm so hungry now, it looks so damn good, mhmm~~

The Conscientious Eater says:

I eat that exact same breakfast all the time, but usually don't add raisins so I'll have to try that!

Jessica Urbano says:

omg i want to add walnuts to my oatmeal now! such a great idea 🙂

Jasmine G says:

Everything looked so yummy.The raw party looked so good.

Matt Logan says:

i now need to write your name down so i don't forget it!

Christine Lozano says:

Ceylon- pronounced "say-lon" 😊

Karolina Herrera says:

Do you count macros or something? You mentioned about keeping your fat levels low but not adding peanut butter? Could you explain that !(: awesome video though!!

Paula Leach says:

I recently tried that WF coconut vegetable soup & loved it! That raw dinner looks fabulous!!

Sarah Loves Veggies says:

I love the new channel name and those oats looked awesome!!

Claire Barker says:

I always put cacao powder in my oats! So delicious!

Dani Lauren says:

Congrats on 25k you deserve it!! And love the channel name!!

neøn gravestønes says:

LOVE the name change! It's definitely more fitting for your channel 😊 !!

beth f says:

I love your cacao cinnamon raisiny banana oats! A definite MUST! Thanks!!!! ❤ it!!!!

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