Classic French onion soup recipe – How to Make Onion Soup

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BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! how to make and authentic French onion? In this video we look at the classic way of making a French onion soup step by step.

Ingredients and recipe on my website:

How to make your own bouquet garni:

In order to make an onion soup the way its done in france, you have to
keep things simple. No sugar, no flour, no spirit, vinegars or wines,
just good quality butter, onions and beef or veal stock. to top it up
of course you will have to use a French style baguette and some gruyere or comte cheese (I use comte cheese in this video). if you are
vegetarian yes you can use vegetable stock instead but the taste will
not be the same.


Nurofen 1988 says:

Just made it for me and my gf dinner. Its delicious👍😍

carmine mangione says:

Dude, really????? What is that stock. Hideous. No bones, roasted? What the hell?

Marc DIEMER says:

Ridicule !!

David Smith says:

fry the onions in oil and a tbsp of brown sugar, add red wine during cooking.

Nikhil Tendulkar says:

Great looks delicious

Yewhiang Goh says:

Look so delicious 😋, may I know what type of cheese you have used….

StudentOf .HumanFolly says:

Est-ce que vous recommandez une marque de bouillon en France? Merci!😉

Kathleen Smith says:

Thank you for the recipes. Very delicious. Could you do a series on making the perfect stocks.

Susan Gunn says:

This chef is the real deal.

Viktor Petukhov says:

The best soup I ever had was onion soup served in a loaf of bread

BlueSky2019 says:

Will try to cook it for my family.

Deep Purple says:

What the fuck is "bukegani"?!

Максим Волков says:

Bullshit, where is the vine????!!!

Yo Sup says:

French onyo soup

Red Jones says:

That looks great. Clear and straight forward instructions. I've been looking for a good French onion soup recipe and this looks like one to try. Cheers.

Rick M14 says:

When he put hot cheese in his mouth 😂

Shayma Saleh says:

Yum 😋 🍜👌 will try it tomorrow 😊

mose david says:

Nice one, I assume the meat was included, If not a it's massive thumbs own

Marco Martínez says:

"Let me show you how to do the BEST onion soup" also him: dont judge me it's my first time doing it

rob James says:

Leave it to French to use broth of a defenceless baby cow. Cowards!!!

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