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If you follow our channel you’ll know we’re fond of the odd pasta bake, this vegan rotolo I think takes the cup for the best pasta bake we’ve made. It’s creamy and gooey and succulent. A real belly hug for the cold weather. We highly recommend you try it, if you’re crafty in anyway I’m sure it will look stunning.

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Callie says:

I tried this and it’s delicious! Though I’ll probably make it more like a traditional lasagna since rolling is messy and is harder for me to eat. Love your videos since half the year I’m vegan and don’t know good recipes 🙂

browngirlatabeautycounter says:

This looks insane! Can't wait to try it

M M says:

You guys are AMAZING ✨ Love your energy and the perfect harmony between the two of you, and how you absolutely enjoy every bite of the food you create. And I love your clean, simple, quick and delicious recipes! Thank you!😋🦄🦄👌👍

joseph dunn says:

!!!!MEGA YUM!!!!

No Nonsense Girl says:

This is amazing! You two are truly the gold at the end of the foodie rainbow! 🍯🌈❤️

audrey steele says:

I hate tamari, any recipes without it?

Fiaah says:

This looks unreal! I'm going to make this, this week

Benzman500sl says:

Looks great…now I'm adding ground beef and sausage to it to make it taste even better. 🙂

Galia says:

wow Thank you

Be Your Own Force Of Nature says:


Andréa Montréal Cohen says:

made this for a big gathering, and the effort for making this totally payed off! all my friends, vegan and not, LOVED this dish! A treat for the eyes and belly! the bread crumbs added that little extra oomph to take it over the top and all the flavors worked so well together!

ea tresCosas says:

I've been vegan for 15 yrs and you just inspired me. Stoked!

SentientX says:

I have made it twice and everybody loves it! Thanks!

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Wow, creamy and decadent!!

indisguiseFUCK says:

Now… this is what I'll be making for my (non vegan) family on Boxing Day. Looks fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe 🙂

Ron G says:

That looks awesome; I can't wait to try it. You can make the mushroom step easier by using much higher heat and starting with the mushrooms. Because they'e so moist, they can take high heat. The moisture flashes off, and you get a Maillard reaction without needing to press them with a pan. Then lower the heat and add onions. Thanks so much for the recipe.

Jacobite says:

Good one guys you are my go to for whatever I fancy to eat look at your site pick what I fancy buy the ingredients cook and enjoy cheers brothers.

R05H says:

I made this today!! Absolutely delicious, everybody loved it. I would like to say thank u and that I am also making this on Christmas Day 🙂

melime says:

such a stupid recipe when you start making it yourself . sauce and mushroom are everywhere but not were it should be

Melissa Duval says:

When you put salt in the water to flavor the pasta, do you put the salt in before or after the water is boiling? Or does it matter?

I adore you guys!

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