How to make Potato and Leek Soup recipe w/ Melanie Murphy

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We teamed up with the beautiful Melanie Murphy to make Potato and Leek soup. The weather is getting fierce cold and this soup is a cornerstone of the Irish winter diet.

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Melanie’s Channel;

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Dave & Steve.

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frank odea says:

Its delicious

frank odea says:

Made this soup thankyou for recipes

Yasar Razaq says:

Awesome loved it!

Yasar Razaq says:

Just gotit on the stove now, nice one guys!

Suraj Quantum says:

Why is melanie murphy here i hate the slut she ruined this vid for us

Stella O says:

A handful or two of nettles (dry or fresh) makes such a fab addition!

Shar Louise says:

Hot badaydos all round 😂

Sorcha D says:

How many servings would you get out of it?

Alex Kingston says:

love you guys! Made many of your recipes and you make us laugh every time. Keep up the good work :~))) Am making this soup tomorrow!

J N says:

Peel those spuds you scruff

Agnes Hall says:

I cooked this soup today and the whole family loved it!! Thank you lads, my two sons aged 28 and 30 are vegans along with myself, and i use tons of your recipes. They're a great help, and delicious!! Xx

Cyril T says:

Just made this last night as my meal prep lunch. It was delicious 😋

Julie Diana says:

Made this soup tonight 😍 absolutely amazing, we only used 1 1/2 liters of water which made the soup slightly thicker, thanks guys even the kids love this! 😍 #vegan

Zachary O'Neill says:

Looks like a great recipe but they didn't wash those leaks🤢 they probably brought some dirt in the soup

Ali Ryan says:

I'm quite a good soup maker and make them a lot but could never master potato soup despite many attempts – but……. made this today and VIOLA….. great potato soup! Deeelicious and easy to make. I'm chuffed!! Thanks a mill 😉

Barry Irlandi says:

love yr channel guys but yr not very good with the amounts are ya now? also were those patatas cooked before ya added them?

Tom Kinney says:

The best leek and potato soup I've ever made and somehow also the easiest one to make.

Tom Kinney says:

The best leek and potato soup I've ever made and somehow also the easiest one to make.

Dannon Rusch says:

First off' Melanie you are beautiful!! and what an awesome simple recipe!!! thank you sooo much!

Girlique says:

I love the way you say potato 😊

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