How to Make the Best Stew: Portuguese-Style Beef Stew and Quinoa and Vegetable Stew (Vegetarian)

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Host Bridget Lancaster shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the ultimate Portuguese-Style Beef Stew. Next, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Julia to a tasting of prepared pesto. Then, gadget expert Lisa McManus reviews the worst gadgets of the year. Finally, test cook Becky Hays reveals the secrets to making the best Quinoa and Vegetable Stew.

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MyTruckinLife ACE says:

Julia I’m shocked that you don’t make your own pesto.

Adam Churvis says:

8:00 That Spanish chorizo isn't cooked; it's cured, and that's why it's ready to eat.

Adam Churvis says:

You should have covered the surface of the stew with parchment paper cut to fit the vessel. Doing so would have made the meat more moist and tender, and would not have dried the exposed surfaces of the meat chunks so very much.

Liberty Leslie says:

My pepper mill is like that spice grinder……I think it is better…….

wiibaron says:

9 dollars for a 4 oz plastic cup is NOT a good deal in any language…

Ceolbeats says:

Always best to know where your food comes from, watch u tube Cowspiracy will explain it all. Also watch Evidence based weight loss live presentation girls!!It will help you to make the right choices when cooking.

Jacqueline Pruvost says:

You ladies rock….you give great info, helpful down to earth. Love the new venue!

Joseph1NJ says:

The quinoa dish looks great. I was expected a little fresh citrus at the end, maybe a spritz of lime?

Deepak Ramkissoon says:

Could I use this recipe with goat and chicken sausage instead?

Deckie Deckie says:

The best cooking duo on the tube….

Divatude ATL says:

Made the quinoa stew and its delish!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Azevedo says:

I'm from the town where that meat stew originated from. While the recipe is good, you usually add clove into the bouquet garni and the garlic goes in with the onion not separated. People also use a decent amount of lard and leave the stew going for at least 5 hours in low heat. Additionally, if you add quartered potatoes into the liquid in the last hour and a half of cooking they'll taste amazing. Good effort, though! It looks amazing!

Brenda Wash says:

Post more please!!!

Tom Sparks says:

making your own pesto is just as simple. and cheaper. If you have a food processor, why not just go fresh?

Michael Nichols says:

I must ask….I am not one to slice and dice my vegs to their exact measurements……it must take hours….in my house…a simple tuesday meal would take 3 hours….anyone agree????

paul holditch says:

I’m a Lisa fan!!!

Tandem Bicycle says:

Love stew.❤️

Antoine Michaels says:

Spanish chorizo in a Portuguese stew. Portuguese chourico may have been a better choice. looks good though

Brian Smith says:

I love this show! The ladies are delightful! (…..did I just use the word delightful? 🤔)

Vanessa carr says:

Take on birria. Mexican goat. I'd love to learn while you break down the recipe. I'm sure I would learn from it. You are all amazing.

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