How to make Vegan Marzipan – Almond Paste Homemade Video Recipe | Bhavna's Kitchen

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For a quick marzipan recipe or almond paste that is easy to make, far cheaper than store-bought, and tastes absolutely phenomenal, look no further! If desired, use edible glycerin or corn syrup instead of water for longer shelf life. If using corn syrup, reduce the amount of sugar or omit the sugar from the recipe.
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This homemade marzipan can be used to make almond croissants or crescent rolls, chocolate coated truffles, stuffed dates and more.


peter forden says:

theres no meat in marzipan dopey

meeta shah says:

Can we make without sugar

Kirit Naik says:

Thank you very much Bhavnaben I am vegans

Daily Cooking KH says:


Mo says:

It reminded me of my stay in Berlin long time back.

Pedro Iranzo says:

Gracias por la receta 👍
Aquí te dejo otra deliciosa receta, querida Bhavana:
Felices fiestas 💋🖐

IndoCanadian Mom says:

Nice mam 👍🏻

Elizabeth Ross says:

This is vegan! I never realized that.

By David says:

Hello big like 10 thanks for this good video humm so delicious

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