How to Make Veggie Chilli with Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver uses his brand new range of premium stainless steel Tefal Jamie Oliver cookware to create a wholesome, hearty & delicious veggie chilli.
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Abbey Tarson says:

Looks amazing 😉!!! Me gonna give it a go 🙂

Abyss says:

Who elese searches without beans

Bob Wareham says:

Too much advertising don't like you or your channel will not be back

Kat Kaboodle says:

Any recommendations of what to use instead of yogurt. I can't find any vegan yogurt in my area.

David Reid says:

Tell us more about the pot Jamie.

Vee says:

Damnnnnn 😍

no-name says:

Just made this. It is DIVINE. Question: how long will it last in the fridge?

Ashwyn Warrier says:


C T says:

I added smaller pieces of sweet potato with the onions etc. Turned out great cbf with the oven if I'm doing stovetop.

Patrick Connole says:

Do u have to strain the kidney beans from the can?

Carmen Albarran says:

commercial????? I DIDN'T catch anything

Jeremiah Roark says:

That’s not really chilli at all maybe a veggie stew but that’s it

Aa Gg says:

I want the same clip, but with Ramsay.

Kim Nguyen says:

This recipe is so good, even my 5 n 7 year old kids love this. I use very little Cayenne Pepper so it's not too spicy… Thanks

S D says:

Did anyone catch the name of those pots Jamie is using?

Marcello Amadeus Osoba says:

Jesus…I haven't seen Jamie Oliver in years…he looks like a completely different person now

saundoman says:

at 0:33 jamie flipping us off lol

Petike01 says:

Way too much coriander! I used half of what he did and it made my chili too sour.

webwabo says:

Fuck off with your pans

Song Bird says:

I love the addition of sweet potato and cinnamon to this dish. I just had to give it a try with my own vegan recipe. Thank you it was a success. I never in a million years would have thought of adding sweet potato to humble chili thanks Jamie.

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