5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles | Gordon Ramsay

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Revisit some archive Ramsay classics from the channel, and be inspired to cook this winter. Recipes include a roasted tomato soup with cheese on toast, beef brisket, apple and cranberry crumble, shepherds pie and a spiced rice pudding.

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Parker D says:

Press 4:39 to hear Gordon say bubble

aratrika patra says:

'paaesh' fucked up… (Steam rice pudding)

Cooking with the Blues says:

Gold Potato and Fresh Fennel Soup, https://youtu.be/9bpaqFpD8nc

Bernard Parong says:

That's not lunch it's dinner

Feli Zack says:

I like his works, but his attitude towards other chefs sucks.

Ori says:

The shepherds pie segment looked like something straight out of an edgar wright film

Leviathan 77 says:

that does not look like a good crumble

Sews says:

I bet the cameraman must get hungry lmao

Sews says:

gordon ramsay is the eminem of cooking

Neha Poduval says:

I made tomato soup today! And I must admit it's the best bloody soup I've ever made or eaten! Thank you Chef Ramsay for making my heart all soupy! ♥️♥️

HighHopesBass says:

I've been following his career for the last two decades, but I've only just noticed how much Gordon says "to another level".

Its quite a lot.

CrackerJack says:

Watch closely.

Clove… He counts 3… What he actually put in was 5. So do yourself a favor, go by what you see and hear, not by what he says. I can't believe they left this part in…. unless… maybe he fucked up and put 2 cloves too many …. in which case, I guess you'll have to taste it to see if 3 cloves or 5 cloves are what is required when following this recipe.


You think a world known gourmet chef would put it in clear verifiable material but what I am seeing so far is "just for show" and the occasional "oops, we fucked up and forgot that part"

Cooking with the Blues says:

Chicken and Semolina Ricotta Dumplings, https://youtu.be/w5k6fO7jZBM

Celestine Fenris says:

Gordon, you just made Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup XD Don't lie to us and be like "Oh it's a fancy soup with tomato and welsh blah blah with cheese on the finest of breaded toasts–" It's Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup! Just fancy! Lol

CrackerJack says:


No one will comment on this, or even like this…. No one watches this specific video anymore or they just can't be bothered to offer some helpful information… Or they just don't give a shit.

IN ANY CASE, I am going to ask anyway…..

From the time stamp marked above, listen carefully to what Gordon says about "a little splash of… ?????? Perry?" for the Gutsy Cheese on Toast he's doing.

He got SO QUIET and so quietly mumbled the ingredient he used, its like he didn't want you to know…. I am Southern American, I don't speak this fancy Posh British that Gordon is so fond of. And I certainly have hearing issues, so this is an honest plea for help.

So please, anyone … Help a Country Cook out here, tell me what sauce or liquid he is splashing onto the Gutsy Cheese on Toast… ? I swear he says "Lily and Perry" but what in the world is that?

I have every other ingredient needed for this so I can make it, except for that splash of the mystery poshy-british accent-covered ingredient.


Cresent and star says:

Lol I’ve watched his Shepard’s pie dish so many times , never cooked it because I can’t afford food lol

Maria Lee says:

Я обожаю, как Вы готовите! Все попробую дома приготовить. Но смотреть – уже кайф!

Grungus Jarvis says:

Hey Guys Would You Think I Can Make Some Of Those Special One Of A Kind 🐔 🍳 And 🧀 Sandwiches For Gordon Ramsay?

Eternal Envy says:

11:57 Tf was that zoom at the sauce
12:32 also.

d.ronzo17 says:

noone told me Gordon collabbed with Micheal Bay to film that Shepherd's Pie clip

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