Dipping into Dubai's melting pot with Gary Rhodes

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Taste met up with Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes who now calls the United Arab Emirates home. …
READ MORE : https://www.euronews.com/2019/02/28/dipping-into-dubai-s-melting-pot-with-gary-rhodes

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BornToDoIt says:

Lovely man Gary will be missed for his energy enthusiasm and nice persona…RIP Gary

Flappo Spammo says:

RIP Gary , Legend

Justin Case says:

The one word that perfectly describes Gary is "modesty". He was always a gentleman and so engaging and exuded enthusiasm, making you feel "I think I could do that", it was the quality of the man. There is no shortage of primadonnas in the industry, something that could never be said of Gary. He has gone to the best kitchen he could wish for, the angels will eat heartily tonight.

Eric George says:

RIP to a British cooking legend who was respected worldwide. The fact that he suffered a bleed on the brain after banging his head is just awful.

Aiden Fryer says:

RIP Gary !!

Whittle Pixels says:

Well he looks in good health here. I wonder what happened to him. 🙁

Bill says:

R i P Gary Rhodes

Slow Cooker Ideas says:

RIP Gary Rhodes

We Shall Feast says:

So sad to hear the news today. RIP Gary.

Paul Eames says:

Great to see Gary Rhodes again, He’s one of The Best Chefs ever to pick up a Pan. He should be back on Our TV screens Again.

PJ says:

eurolies selling their implied position as an impartial news outlet to the highest bidder again. A modern mass media wh*re if you like.
This time they've yet again chosen to do business with one of the most despotic totalitarian regimes on the planet. The United Arab Emirate.

For those who don't know what's going on here.
The past couple of years UAE has been on a Tourism and investment PR offensive, buying airtime on European media is part of that plan and they make no secret of it.
On the DTCM's website (That's the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) it clearly states "DTCM's mission is to position Dubai as a leading tourism and commerical hub in the world."
No different from the tourism board of any other country, right?
Well, not quite. Not when you're dealing with a totalitarian regime with a human rights abuse record that stretches the gamut from draconian anti LGBT laws to treating women like second class citizens.
Eurolies has cosen to do business with this despotic regime, meaning they pay really well and eurolies don't mind undermining their position as a news outlet.
Undermining their position as a news outlet? How so?
News must be impartial. That impartiality or rather the implied impartiality is out he f*cking window the second you're selling airtime to a totalitarian regime.

Now NOTHING eurolies reports on regarding the UAE, or its interests, can be trusted.
You can't be an impartial news channel and a commercial billboard at the same time.

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